Company wellness programs have been around longer than you think. The first corporate health and wellness programs began in the 1950s. For two decades, it focused more on making employees more productive. It was then followed by decades of creating public policies and programs.

Company health programs in the 1990s started to introduce a wellness culture. Companies started to integrate a preventative approach to their health initiatives. Risk assessments and screenings for severe conditions were also offered.

Wellness programs in the workplace continued to evolve and improve. Businesses know wellness programs should encompass all aspects of an employee’s life. It’s why an impact on health biometric testing is important. It’s a key factor in many companies’ wellness programs.

What is Biometric Testing?

Many companies are now offering employees biometric testing. This process goes by other names as well. Some call it health screening while others know it as a biometric assessment. It performs the same function no matter what you call it or what it does.

Biometric testing is a clinical assessment of an individual. It measures many physical characteristics. Most will check your weight, height, and body mass index (BMI). Biometric screening machines also determine your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

Biometric screenings can become offered and done anywhere. Many businesses incorporate it into their health programs. A lot of companies require it from their employees. It’s also offered by non-government organizations, schools, and public health facilities.

One of the best things about biometric testing is how fast you can get the results. You can get some of your test results in a few minutes. But blood work can take longer. You don’t need to go to a clinic to get the results either. It can be sent to you online.

It’s crucial for people to understand one thing. This type of health screening is not a replacement for a medical checkup. You still need to see your doctor and undergo regular health examinations. Bio screenings do not diagnose diseases. It won’t tell you if you have cancer or Parkinson’s. But the procedure could show if you’re at risk.

Some employees might become concerned about their privacy. The screening is part of a company program after all. But there’s nothing to fear. Any medical information from this test is always protected. Companies have to follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Health results aren’t revealed to the employer without the employee’s authorization. All the company receives is general data about its workforce.

Understanding the Impact of Health Biometric Testing

Biometric wellness screening is a simple health tool. But it provides a wealth of data about an individual’s health. The information gleaned from these biometrics has a big impact. It affects both employer and employee.

· Benefits to Employees

There’s power in knowing where you stand with regard to your health. A wellness screening is a simple and non-invasive process. That alone will make it attractive to many employees. But the information it gives them is immeasurable. An employee can learn about the state of their health and behaviors that puts their health at risk. They can then take steps to prevent any potential health issues from escalating.

Many wellness corporate solutions include a doctor’s assessment. Employees also have the choice to work with a lifestyle or fitness coach. The company doctor can request for more tests. They can also prescribe any medication the employee needs. As health experts, they can tell the worker what they need to do. A talk with a health expert allows the employee to understand their results. It also lets them see the health risks they’re facing.

The result will be an employee with the skills, tools, and motivation to improve their health. A more positive and healthier lifestyle will impact them and the company. For one, there will be fewer sick days. It also means less medical costs for the company. Workers who are happier and healthy are also more productive.

· Impact on the Organization

A good employee wellness program is a worthy investment. Including biometric testing will help management in many ways. For one, screenings give the company data that can help them project health care costs.

The data give companies the information required to enhance their wellness programs. In some cases, it can prompt an employer to overhaul their company’s culture to fit the needs of the employees. Pivoting to the side of the employees will result in a good return on investment (ROI). This is because of the long-term benefits a comprehensive health program will give. One study showed that a company can see a $6 ROI for every dollar they spend on health intervention.

Let’s say many employees are experiencing health issues. It can be due to poor nutrition or lack of exercise. A biometric screening can show that. The company can then put in place specific wellness programs. These will mitigate the risks and improve their general health. A gym inside the company premises is a good example. So is stocking up the pantry with healthy food options. These changes can have a positive impact in the long run.

Little Things Can Make Big Changes

A simple test or lifestyle change can make a big difference in your life. Well Health Works can help you with it. We are one of the country’s premier wellness solutions companies. We know the secret to a successful business is healthy and happy employees. It’s the reason we design wellness programs that cater to specific needs. Our company offers biometric testing and wellness screenings. We also do flu shots and COVID-19 employee testing.