Which villa type suits your family best? Explore this list from workselement.ae – a revolutionary digital platform in the UAE to find the best contractors.

Contemporary/Modern Villas

Contemporary villas boast clean lines, open spaces, and large windows, creating a strong indoor-outdoor connection. They offer spacious living with modern materials and beautiful gardens.

Arabic/Traditional Villas

Traditional Arabic villas focus on courtyards, family spaces, and intricate design details. They demonstrate expert craftsmanship through the use of ornate arches and locally sourced materials.

Mediterranean Villas

Mediterranean villas capture the charm of coastal regions with earthy colors, courtyards, classic tiled roofs, and often incorporate elements like terraces, pergolas, and fountains.

European-Inspired Villas

European-inspired villas bring elegance with symmetrical designs and classical elements like columns and arches. They offer sophistication and timeless beauty.

Moroccan Villas

Moroccan villas exude exotic charm with vibrant colors, tile work, and courtyards. They create an enchanting atmosphere with unique architectural motifs.

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