Marble is known as one of the beauties of nature and is used in many areas from building materials to works of art. In this article, you will find information about the definition of marble, its production and export status worldwide, marble quarries in Turkey, export data and the best quality marble types.

Marble is known as one of the beauties of nature and is used in many areas from building materials to works of art.

 What is Marble?

Marble is a type of natural stone formed by the metamorphosis of carbonate minerals such as limestone under pressure. It is widely used due to its aesthetic value, durability and various colour options.


Marble Production and Exports Worldwide

Marble production and trade is a major industry worldwide. Countries such as Italy, China, India and Greece are among the important marble producers, while Turkey is an important player in this field.

Marble Production and Quarries in Turkey

Turkey is known as an important marble producer worldwide due to its rich natural resources. There are many marble quarries in regions such as Afyon, Denizli and Balıkesir.


Turkey’s Marble Export Status

Turkey exports marble to many countries around the world due to its quality and diversity in marble. Export data show Turkey’s strong position in this field.

Top Quality and Preferred Turkish Marbles

Among the many types of marble produced in Turkey, there are some that stand out. Marbles such as Pearl Beige, Burdur Beige, Afyon White are preferred worldwide for their quality and aesthetic features.

Production and Local Producers

Turkey is one of the important producers of grey, silver and silver travertine. Especially regions such as Afyon, Denizli and Burdur are important centres where these precious stones are mined and processed. Local producers are specialised in extracting and processing quality stones.

Marble Usage Areas

These three types of travertine offer a wide range of uses. Grey and silver travertine are generally preferred as floor coverings in interiors, especially in hotel lobbies, luxury residences and offices. Silver travertine is used especially in wall coverings, bathroom designs and decorative elements.

Durability and Quality Criteria

The durability of travertine depends on the type and processing method used. Quality is assessed according to factors such as colour uniformity, texture and durability of the stone. Travertine is generally considered a hard and durable stone, but without proper care, it can wear over time.

Fascinating World of Marble

Marble is a special material that attracts attention with its naturalness, durability and aesthetics. Turkey’s strong position in this field and the demand worldwide have made Turkish marble a global brand.