The adult film industry has been a topic explored in various movies and TV shows over the years. These productions often delve into the behind-the-scenes aspects, the lives of performers, and the cultural impact of the industry. Here’s a list of some of the best movies and TV shows about the adult film industry:


  1. Boogie Nights (1997) – Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, this film is a fictionalized look at the Golden Age of Porn in the 1970s and 1980s. It stars Mark Wahlberg as a young porn star and explores the highs and lows of the industry. ดูหนังโป๊
  2. The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996) – Directed by Milos Forman, this biographical drama stars Woody Harrelson as Larry Flynt, the controversial publisher of Hustler magazine. The film delves into Flynt’s legal battles and the First Amendment.
  3. Wonderland (2003) – This crime drama, directed by James Cox, is based on the real-life Wonderland murders in the 1980s Los Angeles adult film industry. Val Kilmer stars as John Holmes, a famous porn actor connected to the crime.
  4. Lovelace (2013) – A biographical drama starring Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace, who rose to fame with the iconic adult film “Deep Throat” and later became an anti-pornography advocate.
  5. Star 80 (1983) – Directed by Bob Fosse, this film tells the tragic story of Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten, who was murdered by her estranged husband and manager.

TV Shows:

  1. The Deuce (2017-2019) – Created by David Simon and George Pelecanos, this HBO series explores the rise of the porn industry in 1970s and 1980s New York City. It features a stellar ensemble cast, including James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal.
  2. Red Shoe Diaries (1992-1997) – This anthology series, created by David Duchovny, revolves around the mysterious and sensual stories submitted to a magazine. It often explores the erotic and emotional aspects of sexuality.
  3. Californication (2007-2014) – While not exclusively about the adult film industry, this series created by Tom Kapinos follows the life of a troubled writer (played by David Duchovny) in Hollywood, where the industry plays a significant role.
  4. The Girlfriend Experience (2016-present) – Based on the 2009 film of the same name, this anthology series explores the lives of high-end escorts and their clients, including aspects related to the adult industry.

These movies and TV shows provide a range of perspectives on the adult film industry, from its glamorous and lucrative side to the darker and more complex aspects of the business and its impact on the lives of those involved.