Yager CPA Review has been in operation for over 35 years and provides the most thorough study material available. The company’s founder and speaker, Phil Yager, began operations in 1977 and has attained true mastery in the art of instructing prospective CPAs. Because of the significant advantage that his knowledge gives students, Yager CPA has the greatest pass rate in the industry (88%).

What distinguishes Yager CPA reviews from others?

1.A clear and uncomplicated lecture format

Yager is skilled at demystifying complicated subjects so that universalcpareview they are a great deal simpler to grasp. He not only teaches people how to do something correctly, but also why they should do it in the first place. Yager offers lectures that are extremely simple to understand and follow, which are helpful for people with practically any kind of learning style.

2. Excellent Customer Service

Yager’s Live Instructor Hotline provides telephone-based one-on-one support. Out of all the CPA review systems, this strategy is without a doubt the finest in terms of client service. Other review systems would ask consumers to submit all of their questions on a forum or send them by email, which often takes several business days to get a response. Yager knows that students want advice as soon as they have a problem and that the best way to help them is to talk to them in person instead of through email.

3. Various course formats with no restrictions

Yager CPA Review also offers its courses in DVD, USB, online, and mobile formats, which is a nice feature. Additionally, there are no limitations on how many computers may be equipped with their study materials. This gives students the flexibility to study anywhere they choose without worrying about whether they will have access to their course materials.

4. cost-effective

The whole study course from Yager CPA is $1,787, which is less than half of what Becker CPA charges. Given that they provide far more value than their rivals, their pricing is on par with the industry average, which is a great deal. The finest value is unquestionably a Yager CPA evaluation!

5. Comprehensive Textbooks

Yager utilises Wiley Textbooks for each of the four test sections, which is a significant advantage. One of the most well-known publishers in the accounting industry, they constantly provide high-caliber textbooks. By using Wiley’s books, they can focus all of their attention on teaching students and helping them pass the CPA test.

I’ve utilised and evaluated every major CPA review course available, and I can say with certainty that Yager CPA offers its students the most value and actually cares about their success.

Bryce Welker, a CPA who passed the test in 2011, has produced CPA evaluations weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each major review programme available. Check out his CPA review comparison chart to discover how Yager CPA Review stacks up against the competition before you invest in a review course.