Imagine if you could send an amazingly efficient marketing message to people who want to read it? That is to people who have said, “Yes, I am opting in to your marketing strategy.” That is, in essence, what happens with text message marketing. Customers, visitors and people who have an interest in your products or services sign up to receive your marketing texts.

It no wonder that major corporations such as Verizon, and have decided to utilize this direct form of advertising. What they and others have discovered is that 90% of those texts are opened and the return rate ranges from 11% to 30%! Does that say something to you about text message marketing and what it can do for you?

Why it Works

Text message marketing works for various reasons. Along with the fact that those who received them have requested they be contacted via this form of communication, there are other factors that help to make them efficient and effective.

These include:

· They may be created quickly
· They may be scheduled to be sent at any time.
· They may be read quickly.
· They may be accessed from virtually anywhere.
· Sub-lists may be specifically targeted.
· Various campaigns may be run at once.

These six attributes help to make this marketing platform especially attractive to businesses of any size. One very important thing to realize is that this is value-based advertising that is relatively inexpensive.

Cost Effective

Text message marketing services usually offer a range of plans and just about every business can find one that will fit their budget and needs. Plans are usually based on how many messages you expect to send in a month and some offer flexibility in rollover message units and temporary expansion of services. The best providers will allow you to sign on for a limited amount of time with no sustained contracts. With that type of service, there is little to no risk on your part.

Focus Your Message

With text message marketing you have the same number of characters at your disposal that you’d have in sending a regular text-160. That is somewhere between 30 and 45 words, including spaces, punctuation and all letters and numbers.

The essence of text messaging, the fact that you do only have 160 characters, means that you must use every word with care, finding the most powerful combination possible while making sure your advertisement contains all essential information.

The more focused your message, the more effective it will be. If you’re not able to create an effective marketing message, then it’s essential that you use someone who can.

Reap the Benefits

The benefits for any business, whether it is a major corporation or a small mom and pop store, can be massive. Text message marketing can instantly connect with those on your list, giving them special, time sensitive offers, reminding them of your new location or announcing a new product or service. Small businesses can get a larger piece of the pie with text message marketing.