Creating a new version of a classic song like “What a Wonderful World” can be a deeply personal and creative endeavor. People may choose to reinterpret or remix a song for various reasons:

Artistic Expression:

Musicians often feel compelled to put their own spin on familiar tunes as a form of artistic expression. They might want to infuse the song with their unique style, instrumentation, or arrangement to create something fresh and distinctive.For more information please visit מרוקו


Updating a song can make it more relevant to contemporary issues or audiences. For instance, altering the lyrics or musical elements can reflect current social, political, or cultural contexts, allowing the song to resonate with new generations.

Homage or Tribute:

Some artists create new versions of beloved songs as a tribute to the original artist or to honor significant events or milestones associated with the song. It’s a way of paying homage while adding their own creative touch.


Music creators often experiment with different genres, tempos, or instrumentation to explore the song’s potential in new ways. This experimentation can lead to unexpected and exciting interpretations of familiar melodies.

Audience Connection:

Reimagining a classic song can help artists connect with audiences who are familiar with the original while also introducing the song to a new generation of listeners. It’s a way of bridging the gap between different musical eras and tastes. For more information please visit ויזה למרוקו

Ultimately, the decision to make a new version of “What a Wonderful World” likely stems from a combination of artistic inspiration, personal connection to the song, and a desire to share a fresh perspective with listeners.