There are a few things that most new internet entrepreneurs really do not take the time to consider and these are listed below.

The reasons why they wish to be involved in internet marketing, possibly even as an internet mentor and success coach?

Level of experience within internet marketing and of course how successful they have been?

Have they enough knowledge to allow them to run a successful business on the internet and act as a success coach for others?

In the industry of internet marketing there is a common failure rate of 97%, this is the percentage of internet marketing businesses that fail due to their lack of knowledge and the fact that often their success coach or mentor is not giving them the level of help they require. The amount of people I have seen over the last 10 years get involved in an internet business, not realising that the odds are stacked against them when it comes to becoming an internet success. Most of these people have the idea where they think the internet is responsible for printing money on auto pilot once they have their website online. However shortly after comes the unfortunate reality that starting an internet marketing business where you work from home on the internet really is a lot of hard work requiring consistent effort along with commitment and dedication.

Despire any of the above I still get amazed on a day to day basis at the level of power the internet really has throughout the world. In order to properly utlilise internet marketing to gain power and leverage your time to become successful you really need to gain control of the capability of all that the internet has to offer.

In the world of Internet Marketing there is often a lot of hype that is very much rampant on the internet as this can often be a massively big task on its own the key for you is to stay focused and simply cut straight through it all. A knowledgeable success coach will certainly be able to guide you throughout the process of separating which is relevant and worthwhile from what is just rubbish. Any experienced internet marketing coach with a successful proven track record within this industry of internet marketing should be able to take you from strength to strength along with help and encouragement.

Some people still feel that Internet Marketing is very much new in the business world however I firmly believe that enough time has past and a significant number of experienced competitors have now developed. Seasoned internet marketers are available in the thousands and they are also very ready to take on competition therefore you must enter the industry of Internet Marketing along with the correct tools so to make sure you are not vulnerable. When it comes to pay per click advertising and Google search engine rankings there are many thousands of Internet Marketers competing and bidding for the same keywords however if you go back just a few years there was a lot more space for the new Internet Marketer to play with. As a result this has made Internet Marketing paid advertising become much more expensive and you can see evidence of this when you look at how Google AdWords used to charge pennies for keywords when now they are charging as much as $15 per keyword. What you need to do is be very careful when organising a marketing budget and be careful how you target your traffic. Always keep in mind that there is a lot more free advertising methods available to you also.

Any business can be challenging however when it comes to an Internet Marketing business it becomes even more challenging than traditional business and this is why you have to ensure you develop the right skill sets. Internet Marketing is and always will be a very fast industry where changes really are happening all of the time therefore you have to be able to keep up with it whilst remaining fully informed. The above is exactly what makes this an amazing industry to be involved with. You should always make sure you have someone to speak to about your products or services as this will ensure that Internet Marketing is not extremely daunting and overwhelming for you. This is one of the most important reaons why you should have an Internet Marketing coach who can give you the boost that you will need from time to time and they can give you advice and help you to move forward based on their past experience.

Whenever anyone moves into a new industry or new are of work the key to maintaining success it networking in order to build relationships and of course this is exactly the same within Internet Marketing. You are fortunate to have the internet on your side where you can take full advantage of social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and myspace which are now able to rank in the top ten Google sites. These are all areas where your Internet Marketing success coach will be available to guide you through the process of how to network simply by introducing you to his own network where you can meet like minded business professionals.

Lastly when you start within the industry of Internet Marketing ensure that you take what is available for you to get in order to have a head start giving you the edge upon your competition and always remember that if you go into it alone or without experience you will be more likely to become part of the 97% failure rate. Many simply become a statistic however you can avoid that simply if you equip yourself with the correct information and tools allowing you to operate your business seriously. The main key to success is to work harder on yourself and your personal development because this will fuel your business to grow and develop.