There are so many reasons today to try out niche marketing, but before you can decide if it is for you, it is best to know just what it means. A definition of niche marketing is the same as a specialized market. A specialized market is when a producer tailors a limited range of products to be sold to a very specific group of consumers. The advantages to niche marketing are clear. One true benefit is when you focus your business through niche marketing; you will make your work more enjoyable. Working seems more like playing when you focus on something you love doing for people you enjoy working for. If you would almost be willing to do the work you are marketing for free, then you have truly found a worthy niche.

Having a true niche will also build your confidence, both in your marketing strategies and in your business in general. If you love doing the work, it is probably something you have been educated or trained to do. Finding that niche will help you to perfect your skills. With those perfected skills, you will be able to sell yourself and your services in a positive way to your prospective customers through niche marketing. Marketing to a particular niche will also make you more credible to prospective clients. If you are a small business, those hiring you for your services would rather have someone who is a specialist in their field as opposed to a “generalist”. Even though customers go looking for someone who is affordable, they are also looking for someone who can do an excellent job for their money. Okay doesn’t cut it…so focusing on a specific niche will help you find customers. Once you have found a niche, your name will circulate around to prospective clients more quickly, as well. If you focus your marketing on a specific clientele, those customers will be more likely to remember you and your products and services. If you hook them in and get their initial business (and do a credible job), repeat customers and referrals may start coming your way.

Another big benefit to niche marketing comes when you look at your “bottom line”. When you market to a particular niche, you will inevitably reduce your marketing costs. You will be targeting a specific group when you market your goods and services, so you won’t have to have big, generalized ads that can cost you a fortune. This means a higher income for you when you work with niche marketing. Not only will your marketing strategies find those persons who could use what you are selling, but you can also ask for higher fees since you are a “specialist” in your field. You will be worth that cost when you complete your clients’ tasks quickly, efficiently and with professionalism. The last benefits to finding a niche and marketing to it is that you become a distinctive service, which may cut down on the competition of other companies doing the same services as you. Others may try to follow in your business idea, but you can always state that you were the original. Plus, if it was your niche first, you will probably have a significant part of the market using your services already! Also, by cutting down on the competition, other companies doing other specialized services may refer business to you! So, as you can see, there are many advantages to niche marketing. Find a specialized skill and tailor your whole business around it.