These are the top 10 benefits of owning and AED and taking a first aid course.
  1. Saves lives: Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) can save lives by quickly delivering a shock to the heart during sudden cardiac arrest, which is a leading cause of death.
  2. Quick response time: AEDs are easy to use and can be used by anyone, allowing for a quick response in emergency situations.
  3. Increases survival rates: According to the American Heart Association, the survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest can increase by up to 70% when an AED is used within the first few minutes.
  4. Portable and convenient: AEDs are compact, lightweight, and easy to transport, making them convenient to have in various locations.
  5. Meets legal requirements: Many public buildings and workplaces are required by law to have an AED on-site.
  6. Reduces response time: Having an AED readily available can reduce the response time for emergency services, which can improve outcomes.
  7. Easy to maintain: AEDs are designed to be low-maintenance, with clear instructions and regular maintenance reminders.
  8. Increases public safety: AEDs can be used in public places, such as shopping malls, schools, and parks, to increase public safety.
  9. Improves emergency preparedness: Having an AED on-site can improve a company’s emergency preparedness and response time.
  10. Saves money: Implementing an AED program can save money in the long run by reducing the costs associated with sudden cardiac arrest, such as medical expenses and lost productivity.

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