In the context of the Internet era, basically no one is unfamiliar with social software. Many users use it countless times every day to contact friends and family members and use it as a tool for work communication.WhatsApp is one of the popular live chat app, as one of the originators of social app, WhatsApp has 1.6 billion active users globally.But not all users are satisfied with the features offered by the official app – Whatsapp Messenger, and some prefer to download WhatsApp mods that offer more enhanced features, such as group messaging, password-protected login, custom backgrounds and fonts, and more. The more popular Whatsapp Mods in the market are GB Whatsapp, YO Whatsapp, FM Whatsapp, etc.

Next, this article will take you to know the modified version of the original Whatsapp Messenger,the Whatsapp Mods in an all-round way.

Whatsapp Mods?
Actually,WhatsApp Mods are modified versions of the Facebook-owned WhatsApp app.Official WA has several nice features that make it the best messaging app.While the original app has some limitations on some features, such as themes, stickers, colors, and other features.Whatsapp Mods attract users by offering features that are not available in the official WhatsApp app.Created by third-party developers, Mods are similar to WhatsApp in almost every way, with more extra enhancements. You can enhance your use experience with some unofficial features provided by WhatsApp mods.

Whatsapp Mods vs Official Whatsapp
Compared with official Whatsapp,the major benefits of using Whatsapp Mods is you can get extra and funny features from Mods for better using experience.Some users are dissatisfied with limitations of the features of Whatsapp app.For example,only 30 images can be sent at a time, and the video size is limited to 16MB.These restrictions were introduced to stop spam, but sometimes you want to get rid of them. Many WhatsApp users started looking for alternative apps without such restrictions.As a result, Whatsapp Mods gradually became popular in the messaging app market and get favored by increasing users.

Besides,WhatsApp Mods are not available in the Play Store to download.The Play Store requires software to pass certain security and privacy standards in order to be approved. Whatsapp is NOT open-source.WhatsApp Mod uses the source code from the WhatsApp application without an official license.

Extra and funny features provided by Whatsapp Mods

  • Sending Videos up to 50 MB
  • It allows you to create your own custom themes for a personalized experience.
  • It has a built-in App Lock to protect your data more comprehensively and securely. You can even lock the entire app.
  • You can send up to 10 images at a time.
  • It has functions of not only identifing unfamiliar calls, but also performing number reverse checking and blocking unfamiliar calls, which is very useful for dealing with unwanted calls and spam.

You might be tempted to try one of the features in the WhatsApp mod for a better experience.

Is it safe to use?
The answer is neutral!They are neither legal nor illegal, and WA Mods are in a legal grey area.

GB WhatsApp uses the source code from the WhatsApp application without an official permission. The main risk for mods stems from a lack of information about the origin and configuration of the app. For example, how they encrypt the information is unknown, nor how long the application will continue to exist.With WhatsApp Mods, they don’t rely on any encryption system. So it can be risky

But as of now, users have not encountered any complaints or security issues with other WhatsApp alternatives!Although there are risks in Whatsapp Mods, many user still download and  install these mods on their devices due to there are extra and funny features they are interested.


  • Install applications from official stores and reliable app apk download sites;
  • Check the permissions granted to installed applications;
  • Install reliable antivirus software on your phone.