The house cleaning can wait. This spring, what you really ought to do is bring the whole family together for a thoughtful, creative session with a professional portrait photographer.

With all of the handheld devices and pocket-sized gadgets on the market today, it seems as though every time you turn around someone’s snapping your picture. Whether it’s Aunt Trudy with her iPad or cousin Kyle with his Blackberry, sometimes it feels like you can barely take a breath without being caught on camera. Yet nice as those spur-of-the-moment snapshots of your loved ones can be, they’re nothing compared to the timeless value and priceless sentiment of a professional family portrait. Why not contact your local photography studio or independent photographer to schedule a sitting today?

As the warmth and color of spring arrive to brighten our days, it’s the perfect time to gather your family together for a personalized session with a portrait photographer. By checking the upcoming plans of busy family members well in advance and marking the date early, you can help to avoid the usual scheduling conflicts. Simply assign one responsible party to serve as your portrait coordinator and keep everyone in the loop. It may also help to align the date with another important annual family event, such as the celebration of a birthday or a holiday. That way everyone is likely to be available and will have already planned on a family gathering.

Once the date hurdle is cleared, you can begin to think about what you’d like your family portrait to express. From casual or quirky to traditional or formal, the options in style and tone are virtually endless and are entirely up to you. Your preferred photo studio can offer a wealth of tips and pointers to help you capture your family’s essence and achieve your desired results. And don’t forget to ask for input from other family members. They’ll also want to have a say in what the final portrait will convey.

Since children grow so quickly and appearances can change dramatically from age to age, it’s important to make time for a family portrait at least every couple of years, if not more often. Here’s your chance to actually stop the hands of time and memorialize your family forever, exactly as they are at that age, on that day. Be sure to choose a photographer that specializes in family portraits and will take the time to understand your distinct family dynamic, peculiarities and all. Your portrait will be a treasured family keepsake that will grace the walls of your home for a lifetime. You want it to be portrayed in the most fitting light.

So celebrate the beauty of spring with a personalized family portrait from your local photographer. Many photo studios today will provide you with a DVD containing all of the digital images from your photo session to help you pick and choose the best shots. They can also help you as time goes on with other photography needs, such as senior portrait photography and wedding portrait photography. Just call or e-mail today to get started on selecting your date.

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