In most companies, we get to see a never-ending tiff between the marketing department and the finance division. Finance people focus more on conversion rate and measurable success, whereas marketers tend to see the bigger picture and consider their results of growing popularity and spreading awareness about the brand. Other than promotional deals with expiry dates, no other marketing campaign delivers instant results. More specifically, the internet marketing campaigns or the implemented social media marketing services also work to build brand awareness and not sales directly. Hence, measuring the ROI of social media marketing services may be a little problematic. Since the realm is relatively fresh, it does not have the right set of tools to measure its ROI.

It is the SMM campaigns’ incapability to deliver results in figures that makes many businesses hesitate to take up the practice. In addition, the campaign also takes a great deal of efforts and time to get planned out and then implemented. All such reasons collectively work to keep an individual away from the idea of practicing social media marketing services.

Why some businesses hesitate in investing SMM campaigns

Many SMM services providers in the market promise that they help you measure your ROI but actually what they ultimately give you is the details about what they have done for you. Such as how many new friends or fans they added to your profile or many new followers they brought you. But this is not what finance people can understand. According to them, the campaigns should result for profit bigger than the amount invested. Only then they will declare a campaign, successful. However, monetary profit is not everything in the internet business industry. Branding, reputation management, awareness and popularity of the company are also some important results that marketers want from a campaign.

The contributions of Social Media marketing services

Social media space is one of the most powerful marketing podiums of today’s age. The medium enables marketers reach the biggest count of their potential customers. It helps businesses to build relationships with latent clients, consumers, prospects, and stakeholders. An intelligently devised SMM campaign takes care of spreading a word about you on every social media platform. Right from the professional network of LinkedIn to the very often-used Facebook and Stumble upon, every social media platform is utilized to its maximum potential.

Hence, this is the reason it is difficult to measure that which particular action resulted into a conversion. However, by tracking each visit and checking its source, one may derive which particular action bright the highest count of visitors or sales. However, this is very demanding and time-intensive as we do not even have enough tools to measure it, presently.