Knowing how difficult it is to start a new exercise program, with all various information out there that tells you to do this and that, this is a guide to get YOU started on a path towards Ultimate Success. With this Quick Start Plan, you will be on the best track to reaching those Health and Fitness Goals.

Step 1: Unless you have an injury or are in Rehab, STAY OFF THE MACHINES!

We live in an environment that screams out to MOVE, get those Muscles working. Machines assist you in every movement, they do THE WORK FOR YOU… if you are truly looking to get healthier and in better shape once and for all, doing Functional Movements at a High Intensity will allow you to finally reach those Hard to Get Goals.

Case in point, if you look at a 2 year old play on the ground, they are squatting in the finest sense. As adults, we forget how to do this. From years of inactivity, muscle weakness and tightness more than likely has prevented you from being able to squat correctly. This is the most fundamental movement we can do. So, learn how to Squat and stay off the leg extension machine or the leg press. They are not movements that you do EVERYDAY.

Several exercises that you can do that are considered Functional exercises and will get you started on the right path would include:

o Deadlifts
o Shoulder presses
o Squats
o Pushups
o Pull-ups
o Lunges
o Jumping rope
o Running
o Rowing
o Riding a bike

There are a tremendous amount of different exercises that you can do that will be beneficial to achieving Ultimate Success with YOUR Health and Fitness.

Step 2: Do Multi Joint exercises

The fastest and best way to burn those calories and lose that extra flub around the waste are compound exercises that will get your Heart Rate pumping and will elicit a Muscular response that will far out-way the good old fashioned bicep curl.

Seriously, sitting on a bench and curling a weight up is all fine and dandy, however, how do you expect to burn those calories.

All the exercises listed above can be considered Multi-joint exercises. The benefit of these exercises are first and foremost Functional, they also get the Prime Muscles working in conjunction with the stabilizing muscles.

For an example, let’s look at the Pull-up. This is a great exercise. It works on getting those Lats Strong, strengthens your biceps, your forearms (grip strength), your CORE strength (it attaches on the hip) and works as a Multi-joint exercise thus getting your heart rate up, burns calories and strengthens your body.

Step 3: Proper Nutrition

It has been said that 70% of your success in the gym can be traced back to good nutrition. If you look around the gym, notice the people that are training for hours every day but always look the same. Perhaps they are doing bicep curls and training on machines.


I bet their nutrition is very lacking. Try this out for size. Consume half your bodyweight in ounces of water a day. Eat meat, fish, chicken, veggies, fruit, seeds and nuts. Anything that you can’t read on the label of a particular food, YOUR body has a very hard time digesting and breaking it down.

How about eating Breakfast? If you look at the word and split it up to Break and Fast, it’s exactly that, you are breaking fast. Breakfast is the MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day. It provides nutrients from the night of sleep (when do you ever go 6-8 hours without eating during the day?) and gets you started on the Right Path during the day.

Step 4: High Intensity exercises (circuit training) works wonders

Getting your heart rate up while at the same time doing the Functional Multi-joint exercises will get you the results you strive for. Training your body and mind to work hard, persevere and push through a challenging circuit workout can do wonders for you. What this does is help to burn calories, improves your Cardiovascular System, improves strength, power, endurance, coordination and teaches your body to be prepared for the unprepared.

Isn’t that the ultimate goal of your training? We want to lose weight, improve our heart capacity, increase strength and best of all, not stay in the gym for hours at a time.

Put together a series of 3-5 exercises, do no more than 25 reps to start and take a minute break in between rounds. A good place to start would be 2-3 sets of a circuit.

For example:

Do 2-3 sets of this circuit
Run 400meters
25 Bodyweight squats
15 Pushups
15 Sit-ups (on a Stability ball for support)

Step 5: Constantly tweak and change your routine

Your body gets used to a particular routine after just 2 weeks. Constant changing of your reps, sets and exercises during a circuit is a great way to keep your body guessing. We call this Muscle Confusion.

This has been found to get you the most prepared for what life has to offer. Everyday changes for us and we usually don’t know exactly what set of skills we need for that given day, challenging your body and mind as well as keeping it guessing gets you the most prepared. What this does is allow you to continue to make progress towards whatever Health and Fitness Goals you may have. As for the circuit above, use that as a guideline when creating your workout. It doesn’t have to include running every time. Perhaps a row with lunges, pull-ups and a medicine ball toss will do the trick.

I hope this helps in YOUR journey towards finally achieving those Health and Fitness Goals.

To your health,

Aaron Palmer


Gator CrossFit

My name is Aaron Palmer. I own a training and massage business called Gator CrossFit. I am one of 1,000 affiliates of CrossFit worldwide. I have been a personal trainer since 2003 and a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006. Though CrossFit is predominately focused on increasing power, speed, coordination, balance, lean muscle mass, athletic performance and injury prevention, that is just the start of what we do here at Gator Crossfit. We have the understanding and knowledge to help people with any form of soft tissue and muscular injuries. Our corrective exercise background stems from helping people in pain such as Disk rehab, CORE conditioning, postural evaluation and correction and much more. The bulk of what we do is CrossFit training and we currently train members of the Gainesville SWAT Team, local military, Rugby and Lacrosse players and the everyday Joe and Jane.