Affiliate marketing, though it has traditionally been one of the best ways to make money on the internet, has become increasingly popular and more competitive in recent years. Affiliates are competing harder and harder for the very same keywords, using the same offer and methods of promotion, and even running the very same ads. Because of that, making money with affiliate marketing has become very difficult.

CPA (cost per action for the newbie) marketing has become the darling of internet marketing entrepreneurs as of late, with good reason. There has been less competition, easier conversions and significant payouts for CPA marketing. However this business segment is becoming saturated and more competitive as well. In addition there are significant barriers to entry in this internet marketing field. You are not able to just sign up and start promoting like you do with most affiliate networks or product promoters. You actually have to apply and undergo scrutiny by real people. Even experienced internet marketers such as myself are almost guaranteed not to be approved quickly, and it typically takes numerous phone calls, proof of your experience and worthiness, and “sucking up” to the administrators of these programs to become an affiliate of a CPA network. And this is just the start. The rewards can be astronomical in CPA marketing but you need to be an uber tester, tracker and tweaker to realize profitable conversion rates and lead costs. Good money is still available but not easy to come by.

Other internet marketing strategies such as monetized authority sites, blog farming and others are typically slow or expensive to develop. You will spend countless hours writing content (I sure have!), posting links from comments or original content to article directories and blogs, bookmarking, etc. Or you will have to outsource this work which can be time intensive on the management end as well as costly.

There has to be a better way, and there is, taking effective online marketing skills to the offline world. Note that I said effective, most “brick and mortar” business owners or managers equate the traditional corporate branding type websites to internet marketing. While corporate themed sites may add some esteem to a business it does very little for the small business owner or manager in regards to actually increasing revenues. Huge corporations such as Pepsi or General Motors rely on this type of favorable branding for revenue but Joe’s Plumbing Shop doesn’t need it. Savvy small business owners are starting to realize that although they have been advertising the same way for years, modern consumers are quickly and radically changing their search patterns for goods and services. Because of the average shopper’s limited time, they are turning to the anytime, anywhere capabilities that the internet has to offer. This includes finding what they need from the store next door. Local businesses that are not making it easy to be found by those customers are losing a lot business, especially if their competitors are taking advantage of these trends by using the internet more effectively. As demand continues to grow by leaps and bounds for local search, local offline businesses will be forced to enhance their online presence to be successful.

There is a ripe expanding market for people with internet marketing skills to take advantage of. It does not take years of experience to break into the offline to online marketing game. Most small business owners don’t know the first thing about marketing their goods and services online. If you have a basic knowledge and some training on the best ways to help them they will quickly defer to you as the expert. Remember that in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. And the truth of it is that with just a few simple techniques, substantial promotion and revenue increases are easily obtainable for owners and managers of local goods and services businesses. And these guys are usually begging for some help on how to market online.

If you are looking to take your internet marketing skills to new business segments that promise more income with less investment of funds and time, then promotion of local offline businesses is a perfect market to move into. If you are looking for a way to break into internet marketing then you will find no better way to make a substantial income quickly than helping local offline businesses capture the power of the internet.

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