Are you new to the real estate world? If so, it is important to get some basic marketing direction. There will be time to go beyond the basics at a later time.

What is Realtor marketing?

It is marketing the realtor not the house you hope to sell. Selling the house will come later.

Why realtor marketing?

There is one reason for marketing yourself and that is to get new clients. You first need to establish your marketing goal. Be specific about your goal. Most people make their goal to general.

Things to consider when setting your goal includes

• What marketing tools do you want to start with
• Will you be working solo or with a partner or mentor
• Will you have a website
• Do you know your target market

The marketing plan

Remember your marketing plan is simply that a plan and plans should be developed in a flexible sort of way. This is necessary as things change and when they do our plan needs to be able to change without too much difficulty. A business plan requires a contingency plan or you might say a way out and so does your marketing plan. A lot of people fail simply because they only had one plan and their plan did not account for any changes.

More than likely you have plans to grow your real estate business over time. If that is true doesn’t it make sense that your marketing plan will need to grow as well.

Today you will develop a marketing plan but it does not stop there. You will need to revisit your plan periodically to incorporate new methods, concepts, thoughts, conflicts, and problems as they appear.

Realtor marketing methods and tools.

• Mentor or Partner
• Phone and Computer
• Website, Blog, Search Engine Optimization
• Direct Mailing
• Seminars
• Referrals
• Realtor Newsletter
• Virtual Tours

Do you have a mentor or partner? If not, this is one thing that should be a top priority. A mentor or partner with some realtor experience who is willing to at least mentor you can save you a lot of trial and error. They have already been down the road you are traveling and can prevent some things you might not even see at all. The mentor should be someone who has been successful and that you trust.

You probably could start in the business of real estate without an office but you will at least need a phone and computer.

In the day we live in today it is an absolute essential to have a presence online. You will need to plan for a website, search engine optimization and start a blog.

The other realtor marketing ideas you choose to be in your marketing plan can and should be adjusted over time as needed. You will discover additional marketing opportunities as your business grows.