Affiliate marketers using articles as a primary marketing strategy must be creative. Publishing articles to directories has to be handled with care. Many publishers will not publish single-topic product reviews. Reviews must include three products in order to be accepted in many cases.

Single product reviews may be submitted to your blog or other review-type websites. Take extra time during the holiday shopping season to add holiday keywords to your meta tags. Include words like “gift” or “holiday season” to the usual content on your landing page or website.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing is a multi-part marketing program created by merchants. Affiliate programs provide a way for merchants to allow regular customers and business owners to promote their products. Merchants pay marketers based on a contractual agreement.

Some merchants pay per click while others pay a percentage per sale or lead. Steps that qualify as a lead may differ from program to program. Some consider a free e-mail signup a lead while others may not consider the lead complete until a free gift has been accepted.

Merchants that offer commission based on sales are often the most successful. Article marketing strategies that implement a series of articles directed toward a specific product generate many links to that product. Each link has the potential to earn the marketer profit.

The Affiliate Marketer’s Role in Article Marketing

Affiliate marketers have a unique opportunity in online business. Their business practice is one of promoting products and services of affiliate merchants. Graphic banners and text links only go so far in an affiliate marketer’s marketing plan.

Effective articles are engaging and hold the reader’s attention. Learn how to write articles that highlight the affiliate program, the merchant or the products they provide. Articles must not focus on one individual product, publishers often consider these spam.

Article Marketing Strategy

Affiliate merchants know they have to offer great deals during the holiday shopping season to increase sales. Their promotional materials are passed directly to you, the affiliate marketer. Implement their specials and promotions into your holiday article marketing strategy.

This is the time of year when people are making purchases they normally wouldn’t consider. Consumers flock to the Internet for information as well as great holiday deals. Information is a highly sought after commodity, especially during the holiday shopping season.

Affiliate marketers can easily corner the market on hot items if they share their knowledge. Quality, honest information leads readers to websites to make purchases. Plan ahead as much as possible and create a winning article marketing strategy.

Article Submission Service

Article marketers can only do so much on their own. An article submission service is an incredible tool for all affiliate marketers and article marketers. No other way will your articles be read by literally thousands of people within a matter of days.

Article submission services are rarely free. The minimal cost is worth the convenience. Consider the amount of time you save by submitting your article one time to a company that distributes it to thousands.

Most article distribution companies offer to distribute your articles continuously. This means that when new publishers sign up with them, they receive every article you’ve submitted. Your articles continue to receive new readers as a result.