If you work in the creative industry, creating custom picks t-shirts is probably something you like doing. In fact, the popularity of this kind of work has been progressively rising over the last several years. Whether you are a graphic designer, artist, or type designer, having your work printed on a t-shirt is a terrific way to promote your abilities.

Even if you are really clever and have a variety of original design skills, designing a personalised t-shirt may often be challenging. Yet, this manual aims to make your journey through the creative process smoother and less fraught.


Examining the idea you have in mind before beginning any endeavour is one of the finest things you can do. You may do a variety of activities to stimulate your creativity, such as go on a walk, write your ideas down, and come up with a few different designs for your t-shirt.

After doing this, give it some thought and repeat the procedure the next day until you are satisfied you have a good concept. It is usually a good idea to have backup plans in place in case your initial choice does not pan out.


Do your best to see the artwork being drawn onto a t-shirt while you are generating samples of your t-shirt utilising design software or by freehand sketching. If necessary, print the design from your computer and adhere it to an old t-shirt to make a mock product so you can see how the final product will appear.


Obviously, details are crucial, but in the realm of designing custom t-shirts, often the most simple designs are the most appealing. Create your items with exquisite intricacies that can be admired for hours, but keep some room available for straightforward designs that convey a timeless statement.


Consider who you are producing the t-shirt for while you are designing it. Will it be aimed towards women, men, kids, or elderly people? Your target market’s success will determine how well your product sells. For instance, you wouldn’t design a t-shirt with a word from today’s lingo intended for someone in their senior years.


It is usually advisable to use subtle slang, particularly when it comes to comedy. While humorous designs are well-liked and profitable, going overboard makes your shirt seem cheap and tacky. You may subtly design a t-shirt with a surprising message. Strike a healthy balance between comedy and groan-inducing antics.


The colours you pick on a t-shirt will primarily determine how distinctive it will be. Make sure the various colours you choose go well together if you want to use them. One excellent suggestion from a seasoned custom designer is to use Adobe Illustrator and enable the Global Colors tool, which will help you save time and make the most use of the available colours.


The best thing an artist can do is set up their project before they start working on it. Any text you wish to use should be outlined, then the strokes should be expanded. You should be able to find a tonne of lessons on YouTube if you need assistance understanding how to accomplish this.


Keep up with the most recent trends when trying to design a stylish t-shirt. Get perspective by visiting blogs, custom t-shirt stores, and other art-related locations. Don’t copy other people’s work once you have some ideas; instead, just give them a unique spin.