To prepare your product for consumer sales in supermarkets, it usually needs to be packaged first. This piece or unit packaging extends shelf life and increases the saleability and yield of your products. By packaging yourself, you potentially remove a link in the chain and differentiate yourself from your direct competitors.

The problem with packaging is that it requires a hefty investment at the start for the purchase and a new packaging machine. Thereby, the method of packaging may depend on the requirements of a specific customer. To save money and shorten the payback period, it is advantageous for companies to opt for a used packaging machine.

Used packaging machines often last for years, so there is no need to opt for new at all if you are going for quality. Packaging machines come in all shapes and sizes, such as top seal packaging machines, vertical packaging machines and flowpack machines. So it is important that you first determine which machine you need for your specific requirement before you decide to purchase. A dealer with knowledge can certainly help you make the right choice.

Different packaging machines for different products

As with many food machines, there are different packaging machines for different products. For example, you will probably need a different packaging machine for packing onions than for packing meat or fish. Fortunately, though, many packaging machines can be used for multiple types of products, as long as the shape is somewhat similar. Packaging machines for mangoes, for example, can often also be used for avocados.

The choice of a particular type of packaging machine depends on the type of product. Thus, different types of packaging machines can be distinguished, each with its own way of packaging. A few are explained below.

Types of packaging machines

Different types of products require different ways of packaging. Indeed, some products only need to be packed in a bag, such as potatoes and onions, while other products are packed to extend their shelf life, as is the case with freshly cut fruit and vegetables, for example. There are four types of packaging machines;

  1.  Flowpack packaging machines. In flowpacking, a product is hermetically sealed in a plastic container with air in 1 ‘flow’. The plastic used is of higher quality than other films and can be either printed or transparently sealed. Horizontal flowpack machines are used, for example, when packing peppers and trays of cherry tomatoes.

  2. Shrink film; when packaging with shrink film, the film is first loosened around the product after which the product is packed airtight in a shrink oven. This also extends shelf life. For example, cucumbers and broccoli are wrapped in shrink film.

  3. Stretch film; when packaging with stretch film, the products are often placed on a tray and the tight cling film is wrapped around it.

  4. Topseal; plastic film is welded onto a package. This is used for many food products such as meat and fish. 

Used packaging machines

Packaging machines are expensive. So buying a new packaging machine may be too big an investment for your business. In addition, the return on investment (ROI) will be significantly longer than if you opt for a cheaper alternative; used packaging machines. 

Used packaging machines are very advantageous to buy. Not only is the price of a used one a lot cheaper than that of a new one, used packaging machines also generally last for years. So there is no need to go for expensive and new when it comes to packaging machines. However, it is important that you first carefully research which packing machine you need for your specific crop. If you are in doubt, it is best to contact a dealer in your area so you can work with the expert to see which packing machine is best for your farm.

More and more companies are valuing used machines, which is why demand is growing. With this, there are more and more companies trading in used machines. One of these companies, for example, is Duijndam Machines. You can find their range of used packaging machines on their website.