Videos are very effective marketing material and can contribute significantly to establishing more online customers. Considering this new era’s embrace on technology, a sound business approach to online video marketing is identifying and understanding the basics, assessing and establishing budget options, and the most appropriate form of online distribution. Online video marketing may be simpler than the days of old, but it still requires strategic assessment and implementation. Ignoring the importance of these recommended approaches to online video marketing could result in an ineffective and costly online video marketing mistake. Considering the current pressing economic times, these suggestions should be carefully considered.

Any business considering online video marketing needs to first identify and establish the fundamental message they want communicated to their potential customers. One of the most basic but highly effective approaches is the KISS concept. KISS means “keep it short and simple”. When it comes to creating a marketing video in today’s socio-economic environment, this particular direct and simple approach is key to actually cashing in on that small window of opportunity to interact with existing and potential customers. Literally, the less time or the shorter to finished video the less it will cost to produce. Ensuring that a unique twist is integrated into the marketing video will ensure it leaves a lasting impression.

The associated budget options for an online marketing video must be considered and established before the production can actually get started. Some common industry approaches to video production include a production with employees and independent contractors; a production with interns and independent contractors; and/or a production with volunteers. The last of these three production approaches is the most appealing due to its low costs; however, it is still the least realistic and likely. There are other actions that may be are more appropriate than these. It is the responsibility of each business to carefully assess its resources and capabilities, and then decide on the most cost effective approach.

Having considered and decided on the fundamental video message and the most practical and realistic budget, it is time to determine the most appropriate online distribution channels. Depending on the exact market niche of an established business, there are thousands of sites with relevant content that can be used as a marketing outlet. There is no need to wonder whether or not the internet will work with potential customers, it has been truly tried and tested. The question to be considered is which ones of the thousands of available sites will be the most effective at distributing the business’ online video message.

An online video marketing strategy is a great strategic approach to establishing a competitive advantage. However, the success of this approach is not a guarantee. Online video marketing does require careful thought, assessments, and analysis. Its success requires that a business properly acquaint themselves with the basics of videos and the fundamental message of the video. Additionally, the business needs to carefully assess and determine the most practical and realistic video production budget. Thereafter, the business should make it a priority to identify and use available resources and capabilities within the organization in an effort to reduce costs associated.

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