A startling 55% of people at least 25 years old who did not finish high school or acquire a GED reported having no income for the year, according to the 1999 Current Population Survey of the United States Census. Comparatively, 25% of those aged 25 or older who had at least a high school certificate or GED failed to record their wages for the year.

Additionally, among those who reported their income in 1999, the median income for those without a high school diploma or GED was $15,334, while the median income for those with at least a high school diploma or GED was $29,294.

The comprediplomas fact that businesses are increasingly requiring all of their workers to have a high school diploma or GED is one of the key causes of this significant gap. Thus, in today’s work environment, those without a high school diploma or a GED are ineligible for a lot of positions.

Numerous online high schools have developed special online curricula to address this issue. Numerous businesses accept these diplomas, and they are quick and inexpensive. Graduates of the programmes are able to get their diplomas swiftly and start applying for jobs or positions that they couldn’t previously get.

Students in these programmes often complete an enrollment application and a multi-part high school equivalency exam. After they pass the test and send in their enrollment application, they can buy a high school graduation package from the online high school.

A high school diploma and transcripts based on the previous high school equivalency exam are often included in a graduation package. Employers may contact the school’s registrar to confirm that a student has completed the programme by calling the better online high schools that incorporate employer verification with their diplomas.

One advantage of these programmes is that each student can work at their own pace and complete the entire programme from any computer with Internet access.Motivated students may generally finish the full curriculum in five days or fewer and get their high school certificate.

These online high schools often charge several hundred dollars for a high school certificate. However, enrolling in the programme, taking the equivalency exam, and submitting the enrollment application are normally all free for students. Until they have finished the course and are prepared to purchase a high school graduation package, students do not pay anything.

A general education credential, or GED, may often be effectively replaced by these modern high school diploma programmes. A high school credential from an online high school offers a lot of benefits if someone is thinking about obtaining a GED to be qualified for a job: it may be finished much quicker, it doesn’t require any classroom time, and it is reasonably priced. Most businesses that require their workers to have a high school graduation or GED also accept many of these degrees.

GED Options’ president is John Andrews. Students may acquire a high school credential from GED Options after completing their 4-part online equivalency programme. Students may get a free study guide to help them get ready for the course, and qualified counsellors can provide free assistance via phone and email. Most businesses that require their workers to have a high school graduation or GED recognise GED Options diplomas since they come with free continuing employer verification. Visit the GED Options FAQs page for additional details.