Network marketing…a.k.a. MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is an accomplished and extraordinarily potent business model…for countless reasons. However prior to getting to the reasons I believe this to be an accurate statement…it is worth noting that there are a lot of people out there that have a pretty disapproving outlook of anything that they THINK even smells of THEIR Notion of network marketing. Now very frequently their concepts are incorrect…and most likely they have had a less than congenial experience with someone (most likely a friend or loved one) in the past who may not have been very prudent in the manner they “went about trying to build their business”. This definitely happened to me more than just the once.

Worse still…these unwise reps may have even been doing what their “up-line” told them to do. Perhaps even doing what their parent company told them to do. The last thing I consider building a network marketing business is truly about is annoying your loved ones and friends and possibly jeopardizing relationships. There is simply nothing to be gained by trying to persuade anyone they should join your opportunity if they simply are not seeking for what you are offering them…or anything comparable for that matter. If you need to convince them into partnering with you, you will have to talk them into staying (and then actually doing anything) every month.

Reasons Network Marketing (or MLM) is an excellent business model:

1. Possibly the most clear is for the type of revenue it offers the network marketer. (Residual income…that is doing something just the once…and after that getting paid for it over & over, & over & over again) A lot like an artist or recording artist. Did you realize that Elvis Presley earned in the region of $30m last year…& I really can’t even recollect how long ago he passed away…can you? So why cannot the normal person also earn a residual income?

2. Particularly successful entrepreneurs advocate and endorse the business model. Robert Kyosaki in his best seller book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” commends network marketing as an admirable means for any person with little wealth to begin in business with very modest start up expenses or overheads or capital required. Donald Trump, the billionaire entrepreneur and TV celebrity has endorsed the parent company which I am a rep. for. In fact…I have been told by especially reliable sources close to company management that he in fact tried to acquire the company. Difficulty was that it wasn’t for sale…

3. You are a genuine self-governing business owner…your own supervisor. If the company is a genuine network marketing company you will have the legal ability to sell, transfer and/or will your business to a different person of your preference. The only restrictions you have to act in accordance with are the Terms & Conditions of your parent company which you agree to at the time of joining…along with official provisions pertaining to doing business in the jurisdiction in which you reside….and that ought to be covered in the company T & C’s in any case.

4. There are many, many millionaire entrepreneurs who have made fortunes in network marketing. While for my part I am still to reach this degree of success, I have met & speak with on a regular basis some who are earning many hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in network marketing. What’s more…at this stage they do very little to maintain that income. Ie…it is residual income.

5. You can launch with very small amounts of capital…making it inexpensive for just about everyone. There are only very insignificant overheads…and you can start part-time around your current full or part-time employment.

6. Your company researches & provides the products or services. They also create the marketing materials (if they are a high-quality company…somewhat inexpensively) and provide a good level of preparation for the trainee (again…if a good quality company essentially at cost price)

7. You have access to coaching & mentoring from previously successful people in your up-line. If they are sensible they will get to know you and a lot about you, your loved ones…at least fundamental particulars if they are a large distance away, your dreams & goals. They will appreciate you & your challenges & they will support you & try to bring out the very greatest in you. They will NOT compel you…but they will work with you to assist you realize your desires in the business…since they recognize that if they can get you to do well they will without doubt be successful themselves.

8. Network marketing is NOT like the conventional corporate world where it is dog eat dog and struggle to get to the top. In this world you get to the top by serving those in your team get to the top.

In order to succeed you will need to do some challenging work, be wholly dedicated and have a not at all give up mind-set. You will need to be coach-able, ready to learn from people who are already earning the income you would like to be earning. Successful people are successful on the whole for one reason…they are ready to do what people who aren’t so successful are not prepared to do.

You will need to select judiciously a good network marketing company that gives quality consumable products and/or services with an excellent management team and support to their distributors. There are criteria I have to enable me to decide a good network marketing company…nonetheless this is a theme for a future post. Be sufficient to state here that I would not suggest going with a “start-up” company…I want to see it successful for about 5 years before I commit my time & energies into it. Having to get “in at the top” to be successful is a load of rubbish. If that is the case…the company will not succeed anyhow.

One more needed strategic issue…you should be committed to the company and its products and/or services. Operating any business with integrity means that you must be a bona-fide customer and marketer of the products and services you are looking to receive income from.

To conclude, Network marketing, MLM or multi level marketing (call it what you will) is a brilliant business model for anybody wishing to commence working at home…as well it offers the potential of an income very few other businesses & no other jobs will even hope to match. The fact that it is so economical to get started may possibly be its greatest weakness because it can be so easy to consider it more like a hobby than the impending multimillion dollar business it can be. If you treat it like this, you will never see it accomplish its potential.

I would sincerely love to help you accomplish your personal network marketing success along with your dreams that drive you. You c an check out my Network Marketing Success blog and website by clicking on the links below. It would truly be an honor to plug you into a complete turnkey marketing system that can be your home base for your journey to network marketing success.

I am in the process of very successfully building an awesome life long residual income in the Network Marketing industry.

I have been in two network marketing companies in the past…with dismal results. So I know the feeling of failure. As a result my view of this industry wasn’t overly positive…although I really knew all along that it was in fact a brilliant business model. I believe the failure rate in network marketing industry is mostly due to poor or total lack of mentoring & training made available from up-lines…also the fact that many up-lines treat their prospects like just a number. These people are recruiters…not sponsors. They never get to know you, your dreams, your partner’s & kid’s names, your WHY…anything about you.