Network marketing is truly a great business to be in because it offers many benefits with very little risk. But, the biggest problem that most people face in this business is how to effectively build a downline. The leaders in most network marketing companies typically only promote the traditional method for building your downline and your business. This method consists of creating a warm market list of people to promote your opportunity to and is comprised of family members, friends, work colleagues, and acquaintances. This method works really well for some people, but for the majority of people this method is ineffective. I do; however, recommend that anyone new to network marketing start with this approach for the simple fact that it is good training, its free marketing, and you might just find some diamonds in the rough.

The traditional approach requires the network marketer to chase after prospects to find people who might be interested in becoming a business owner. Now, lets discuss some other options to building a downline and creating success in network marketing. What if you could get people to chase you instead? Doesn’t that seem like it would be a more effective way to build a business? When you know how to market your business like the top producers in this industry, you will attract highly targeted prospects to you, who are already looking for an opportunity in network marketing.

The Internet is the most powerful marketing tool we have at our disposal. You can literally reach 100’s of millions of people across the globe that are already looking for an opportunity. There is a multitude of methods and marketing mediums on the Internet that you can use to generate endless high quality leads, a lot of which are free. The Internet offers such a vast range of marketing options for your business that it could take a long time on your own to acquire the knowledge and skills that are necessary to achieve success. I highly recommend partnering with other Internet, network marketers, to get training and coaching in this arena if you are serious about success.

Here are 7 important areas to acquire knowledge and skills:

– Personal Branding
– Attraction Marketing
– Automated Email Marketing Campaigns
– Funded Proposals
– Multiple Streams of Income
– Marketing Funnels- Lead Generation
– Marketing Mediums

This is where most of your time should be spent in the beginning. Marketing is the lifeblood of any business, so the more you know and the more you implement, the more success you will have.

Yours in Success,

Aaron Jenkins is a Professional in the network marketing industry and an online marketing coach. Aaron is a member of the Mastermind System and provides training and coaching to help others in the network marketing industry achieve their goals.