Moving to a new state is an exciting but challenging venture that involves meticulous planning and organization. One of the most stressful aspects of an interstate move is the transportation of belongings from one location to another. Despite the utmost care taken by professional interstate removalists, certain items are more prone to getting lost or damaged during the removal process. Let’s explore five of the most common items that suffer casualties during interstate moves.

Glassware and Fragile Items:

Glassware, China, and delicate figurines often fall victim to the jostling and vibrations experienced during a long-haul move. Despite being wrapped in layers of bubble wrap and placed in sturdy boxes, fragile items are susceptible to breakage. To minimize the risk, consider using special dish boxes with dividers and extra padding for added protection.


Sensitive electronic devices, such as televisions, computers, and gaming consoles, are at risk during an interstate move. Despite their high value and fragility, these items are often mishandled or inadequately secured. To safeguard your electronics, invest in quality packing materials and consider transporting them in their original packaging if available. Remove any delicate components and pack them separately to prevent damage.


While furniture is designed to withstand normal wear and tear, the interstate move introduces a myriad of challenges. Scratches, dents, and even broken legs are common issues encountered during transportation. To protect your furniture, disassemble larger pieces when possible, and use furniture blankets or padding to reduce the risk of damage.

Personal Documents and Important Papers:

Amid the chaos of packing and moving, important documents such as passports, birth certificates, and financial records are often misplaced or lost. To avoid this, create a dedicated folder for essential documents and keep it with you during the move. Consider making digital copies as an extra precaution.

Clothing and Linens:

Believe it or not, the removalists on the Sunshine Coast that helped us with this post, mentioned that clothing and linens are frequently casualties of an interstate move. Improper packing can result in garments becoming wrinkled, stained, or even damaged. Utilize wardrobe boxes for clothing to keep them in their original shape, and pack linens in vacuum-sealed bags to save space and protect them from dust and potential spills.

In conclusion, an interstate move can be a challenging process, and despite taking every precaution, some items may still be lost or damaged. The key to a successful move lies in meticulous planning, proper packing techniques, and selecting reliable moving services. By being aware of the common pitfalls, you can better protect your belongings and ensure a smoother transition to your new home.