Let’s get something straight.

Mind Body Marketing Online is for mind-body practitioners.

Therefore, WE KNOW that the mind and body are connected. We know that what we think affects what we do.

Action in online marketing comes from a belief about who we are, what we are capable of and our motivation to fulfill our aspirations.

Since belief starts in the mind, we must pay attention to what we are telling ourselves. I don’t care how many times you’ve told your students that they can reach their potential, YOU are still going to struggle with that big bugger called “Resistance” – the negative self-talk that says you can’t do this. It’s inevitable.

I know a master meditator who is working the online market and she struggles with this same thing. She has a gift; she knows it. Still, the devil comes along and creeps in a few little negative thoughts, then boom! Wasted time!

You need to understand that this type of thinking wastes a LOT of time. Trust me… I have wasted a lot of time thinking about whether or not I had what it takes to succeed. Let me tell you something… you HAVE what it takes to succeed.

Skill developing takes time. People will pay for what you know if what you know is what they want. We have to know stuff. We have to keep fine-tuning our skills to develop the kind of confidence we have in teaching our classes.

Remember when you first started teaching, how you were nervous, thinking you weren’t sure anyone would want to listen to you? Remember how long it took to really get a handle on how to teach? Even after 10 years of teaching, I have the little talk with myself. The truth is, you have to stay fresh. Staying on top of the learning game applies to marketing as well as teaching. You learn, you do, you do again, you make progress, you counter resistance, you plan, do, check and adjust.

Be ready for that pesky little monster called “Resistance”. It’s mostly in the mind. Don’t listen to the chitter chatter that says you can’t do something. Forge ahead. Practice what you preach.

You have got to make up your mind that you can do what you are setting out to do and take one step at a time. The overwhelm factor in online marketing is huge! One day you’ll think you’ve figured it all out only to find you are 3 steps behind.

So… here’s your mantra:

I’m on a mission from God. I have to do this. People are waiting. Get out of my way (Resistance)!

I’m on a mission from God. I have to do this. People are waiting. Get out of my way (Resistance)!

I’m on a mission from God. I have to do this. People are waiting. Get out of my way (Resistance)!

God has given you gifts and talents that you need to share with others. You bring health and wellness to the world through your teaching, your services and products. Do good. Help others. You are loved and can do and be who you want as long as you are doing the right thing by yourself and others. Just keep moving forward.

This is the toughest part of online marketing. Remember the mantra!

You are on a mission. You have to do this. People are waiting. Push through the resistance. Keep going and ask for help.

Set your mind right from the beginning and you will waste much less time and have success much faster. Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people. And keep plugging away at your skill building and the sharing of your gifts and talents!