Is it a High Priced program with a Big name on it? Will that make me Rich? Are those being 100% up front and honest with me? How do I know which Program is the RIGHT Program? These are all questions we MUST ask ourselves prior to committing to any Marketing Program. What are our expectations? Do we believe a Top Name has all the answers and is really going to show me how to get rich like him or her?

Are cheaper programs any good? They say you get what you pay for, but does that really apply on the Internet to Marketing Programs or just products that can be purchased on and offline? There are So many questions that YOU really need answers too.

Well I tell it the way I HONESTLY see it and there is NO money in it for me to write this, so I have no reason to lie, make up anything; just tell exactly what I have learned through my own trial and error.

There was a time that I believed that the best Program was the one I could not afford. I was new and naïve, but desperately wanted to learn and get rich on the Internet. That was back in 1999. I have learned a whole lot since then. Many Businesses, Many Flops…find me a successful HONEST Marketer who has not failed and I will give you my Vending Company! Many great success stories went through many failures before finding that magical “NICHE”. You never give up; the key is Determination, Commitment, and a go getter attitude.

Many Great Men and Women in history failed several times before finding success, several found and lost it several times too before finding it and keeping it. Some really Great books you should read are:

o Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

o How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

o I GOT HERE. YOU CAN TOO! The Berman Differential By Bruce A. Berman

o Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got By Jay Abraham

o NO B.S. Business Success “The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take no Prisoners Tough And Spirited Guide By Dan Kennedy

o Becoming a Person Of Influence By John C. Maxwell and Jim Dornan

o Consulting: The Business That Generates Mega Dollars and Puts You in Control of Your Financial Future By Marc Kramer (more text book style, but awesome)

Actually any books by any of these Authors are Great Reading! Using a Good Marketing Program that provided me with “Webucation” (Education by Web) and the Necessary Tools and these text books among a few others have given me a Better Education than my local University. Why? Simple…these people have made it; the Instructor teaches from a textbook and is less successful than I am at this point! Am I a Web Graduate? Hardly, and you can NEVER become a Web Graduate as the learning process just keeps on and on as the trends change and new things are introduced.

Now back to the Marketing Program that I feel everyone needs one to build that foundation on. You are only as strong as the Foundation you are built upon. So Marketing is an essential element to survival on the Internet. Statistics show that only 7% of all sites are successful…that means a Whopping 93% will NOT make it! To get in that 7% is NOT easy; it takes commitment, dedication and a disciplined and well thought out plan for whatever business you decide to go in.

Marketing is KEY to all of this, if you can’t Market you will go absolutely No Where. A good Marketing Program should provide you with the following:

o Support System

o Tools

o Software

o eBooks

o Resources

o Hosting

o E-Courses that Teach all the necessary things you need and how to use tools, Hosting, Site Building and more, the more it teaches the better!

o Autoresponder

o Email Ethics (which technically comes under E-Courses and Email Marketing)

o Affiliate Program and Education of how to use them

o Ways to create Multiple Streams of Income

o Affordable with Quality!

o Email Marketing

o List Building Techniques

o Learn How To’s on List Building, Email Marketing, Creating a Newsletter

o Copywriting

o The more it offers the better and the HIGHEST PRICED PROGRAM is NOT THE ANSWER!

o Affordability and Quality Are, So Shop Around…There are many GREAT Programs Out There!