Not new to the network marketing world, Usana has been around since 1992. Usana is a network marketing company that makes nutritional and skin care products. Usana utilizes multilevel marketing (MLM) to sell its products. MLM is a system that utilizes associates or independent distributors to market their products, and to recruit other associates to marketing and selling their products. Those new associates recruited, then turn around and focus on selling and recruiting others. Usana uses the binary compensation plan to reward its distributors.

In order to be truly successful with Usana, you have to be trained on network marketing. You need to market to a target market. Most often, you are taught to start building a network of clients and prospects through your family and friends. But eventually your market dries up. Network marketing entails much more than marketing to your warm market. To expand into the cold market, you will need to focus on print advertising, post cards, classifieds, etc. Traditional MLM or network marketing companies like Usana, like to have their associates market the business opportunity through hotel presentations and house parties. This can be expensive for your marketing budget, but lucrative if you can successfully recruit attendees with a high percentage rate.

What is a binary system compensation plan? You do not earn money with Usana based on how many levels you have. With a binary system, you have a team of two legs. You have your left leg, and your right leg, with branches of levels underneath. You are compensated weekly with Usana based on your balanced group sales volume. You earn up to 20% of that group sales volume amount. Of course, you also earn money with Usana network marketing by buying their products wholesale and selling it at retail, along with many other bonus opportunities and incentives available to you.

Usana network marketing can be right for you if you are teachable and can market your business well online. Consider online marketing in conjunction with the traditional MLM methods you will be trained on through Usana. Usana can be lucrative and help you achieve your financial goals if it is the right fit for you. Do your research and then take action!

If you work hard on building out your warm market into the cold market, and converting your prospects, you can succeed in any MLM. The key is to focus on your Internet marketing. Download my special report where I show you the top 8 most powerful free marketing methods that can help you create a six-figure income, whether its by promoting Usana or another home based business opportunity.