Internet Marketing comprises of online marketing, i-marketing and web-marketing. Today, because of the internet, selling various products to customers worldwide has become effortless.

Internet Marketing is considered to be a powerful tool, as it not just includes the internet, wireless media and e-mail, but also administration of electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) systems and digital customer data.

Web analytics is a form of Internet marketing which involves collection, measurement, reporting and analysis of internet data with the objective of understanding and optimization of web usage. Marketing in this form can not only be used for assessing website traffic but can also be used as a tool for market and business research. This form of marketing can be of great help for companies interested in measuring the results of conventional campaigns of print of advertisements. Web analytics provides various details such as, page views and the number of visitors etc to estimate the attractiveness of the sites, which is helpful in conducting market research.

Offsite and onsite are the two categories of Web analytics. Offsite web analytics includes web measurement and analysis. These types of marketing are undertaken by those who own website as well don’t. Marketing here includes the share of voice (visibility), the assessment of website’s potential customers and buzz over the Internet

Onsite web analytics is a form of online marketing that evaluates a visitor’s journey once he is on the website. This Internet marketing includes conversions and drivers. For example, landing pages are identified, which encouraged people to buy a product. This information is then weighed against the key performance indicators and is utilized to perk up a marketing campaign’s customer response or improve a website.

Cost per impression is another type of online marketing and is often included in promotions associated with web traffic and online advertising. This type of Internet marketing is used to evaluate the pros and cons of a particular e-marketing drive. This Internet marketing is implemented with text links, web banners, opt-in email advertising and email spam. Opt-in email advertising however, is usually rated on the basis of cost per action.

Contextual Advertising is another type of online marketing. This is a type of targeted advertising for promotional ads appearing on various websites or media sources such as mobile browsers. In this form of Internet marketing advertisements are selected and served automatically by systems in place. Here, Internet marketing is used for scanning the texts of a website for keywords and then returning promotional ads to the webpage depending on what the user is looking at.

Another form of online marketing is Search engine optimization. In this type of Internet marketing the quality or quantity of traffic to a website is attempted to be improved by comparing the outcomes of paid search engine results with natural or unpaid search results. This marketing strategy evaluates the working of a search engine and also what is it the people look for. Google, Yahoo! and Bing are well-known search engines.