There are three fundamental kinds of light switches. The first is a basic, single light switch. The second is a 3-way change that controls one lighting installation from two areas. The third is a 4-way change that controls one lighting installation from at least three areas.

The 3-Way Light Switchs simplest way for three-way switches is to put the light between the two switches. To comprehend, you should look at an electrical wiring diagram.

The link ought to be 12.2 Romex straight up to the main switch, then, at that point, run 12.3 Romex to the light and afterward on to the subsequent switch.

The 12.3 Romex has an additional wire called an explorer (generally red), which is essential for 3-way switches.

At the primary switch, the 12.2 Romex from the circuit run enters the lower part of the switch box, and the hot (dark) link is associated with the base right terminal on the switch.

The 12.3 Romex enters through the highest point of the switch box. The hot voyager (red) wire is associated with the upper left terminal on the switch. The dark (hot) wire is associated with the upper right terminal on the switch.

The 12.3 impartial (white) wire is associated straightforwardly with the 12.2 unbiased wire with wire nuts, and the copper ground wires are likewise associated with wire nuts. 
At the light box, you ought to have two finishes of 12.3 Romex hanging out. One end comes from the principal switch, the opposite end comes from the subsequent switch.

First, interface the copper ground wires along with a wire nut to move them, and then, afterward, associate the two red explorer wires along with a wire nut too.

Find the dark wire coming from the primary box and the white wire coming from the subsequent box and interface them along with wire nuts. Presently, this is significant. You want to stamp each end of the white wire with dark electrical tape. This implies you have made it a hot wire. This is a code requirement! It is normal practise for 3- and 4-way switches.

Presently, at the subsequent switch, you will associate the red explorer wire to the upper left terminal. The white wire, currently known as “dark with tape,” interfaces with the upper right terminal. The dark wire will interface with the lower right terminal screw. The copper wire will interface with the case in the event that it’s a metal box, or the green ground screw on the switch, assuming the crate is plastic.

The light box ought to now have a dark wire and a white wire standing out, which is what you should interface the light to.

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