You know what marketing is, right? Bet you think it’s something that is best done by large marketing companies or by hiring a marketing guru. After all, there are whole college degrees that can be achieved where the main goal is to get that job as a marketing or advertising executive.

One of my goals as a coach is to help others realize the little known fact that they are a marketer of their business first, and their actual profession is second. In reference to myself specifically, I am a marketer who specializes in helping entrepreneurs go from having a “job” to being a successful business owner. That is how I market my services to others and when I share this it leads to questions about my business. I then get to talk a little bit more about the “how to” and “what is” of what I do.

Guess what?

This is marketing!

As you think about this, realize that there is a time and place for hiring someone to help you with your marketing. It may be that you need a marketing coach, a writing coach, a PR mentor, a speaking coach; whoever it is that you need, hire them when you are in a place where you need to improve upon your business. It is essential to always work on “up leveling” yourself and your business; therefore, you should always be working with someone who will teach you how to be better.

My definition of marketing is: “Marketing is about reaching the right person at the right time.” That being said, I firmly believe that YOU are fully capable of being a marketing expert in your own business and I’m going to show you just how easy it is. But first you need to understand three simple things. 1. You must start with the big picture. 2. You must be sending out a consistent message. 3. You must see yourself as a marketer first and your profession second. Understand how to market in a way that is specific to your business. Be perfectly clear about the results for your prospective clients and then all they have to do is decide “Yes”, or “No” to your offer to purchase your product or services.

ALWAYS send a consistent message. Be careful that you don’t confuse your prospective clients about what you are offering. The simpler the message is that you are sending, the better. Simply tell them what you are offering, the results they can expect IF they follow your instructions and why the right decision is for them to choose you.

That’s it.

Your Action Plan:

1. Redesign what you say about yourself, “I am a marketer who specializes in (fill in the blank).

2. Decide what your message is and be consistent with it.

3. Practice being a marketer of your business and not a seller of your products or services and take notice of the change in your conversation.