Music has the power to literally transform the human mind, body and the soul. In fact, referring to it as “food for the soul” would not be highly out of place. Recently, however, new evidence has been unearthed which reveals that once upon a time there was a tonal scale that was even more powerful than modern day music to heal and transform the soul.

This tonal scale was referred to as the “original Solfeggio frequencies.”

Based on this evidence it can be said without hesitation that modern music has been “robbed” of its true power.

These Solfeggio frequencies can still transform your life in ways you never thought were possible. Their origins go back to ancient times when they were chanted during church ceremonies at the time. But around 1050 AD, they disappeared mysteriously, and were presumed to be gone for good.

It was believed these chants based on Solfeggio frequency would impart blessings during masses, provided they were sung in the original Latin language and in harmony. It was widely believed that combining these sacred incantations along with the Latin intonation, allowed the music to probe deeply into the darkest and deepest corners of the mind in order to bring about transformation and healing.

Solfeggio frequencies are based on six notes that once comprised the ancient scales. It is not known where and how this tonal scale changed, but it is believed that the Catholic Church took active part in modifying them with the help of Pope Gregory I (590 to 604 AD).

The Church, to date, maintains that these ancient chants have been locked, but historians are adamant that they have been locked away deep inside the archives of the Vatican to keep them from being found.

The reason modern music, regardless of genre, seems so discordant and dissonant can be attributed to its deviance from the core of the Solfeggio frequencies, due to which it creates conflicts and discord within our minds and hearts.

The Solfeggio frequencies isn’t just correlated with a note on the musical scale, but can also be assigned a frequency, as well as a color and can be lined with a specific chakra in the human body. It is this association that gives these ancient chants their amazing transformation power.

For example, the note middle C may be associated with a frequency of 528 HZ, which in turn can be linked to the color green, the color that is in turn associated with the chakra of the heart. Through further correlation, it is the third note on the tonal scale, which relates to the note “MI”, a derivative of the Latin phrase for miracle.

This ultimately boils down to the fact that the frequency of 528 HZ will possess the capacity to perform miracles within the human body, including, for example, healing damaged tissues and repair damaged DNA. This can further be corroborated by the fact this frequency is also the one that is utilized by genetic biochemists.

Furthermore, the color green is primarily associated with health and well being. And this is only one example.

There are countless other examples of how the Solfeggio frequencies can literally bring about a positive change in your life.