Escort, a leader in police radar and laser detection technologies, offers the Escort Redline as their top-of-the-line radar detector. This device offers a wide range of features, great sensitivity, and unrivalled selectivity, but does it really perform as well as it claims to? Overall, based on our tests, we are certain that it is.

All of the London Escorts best radar detectors have a decent range, but the Escort Redline has the highest sensitivity of any radar detector currently on the market. Since you can detect police radar from a greater distance if you have a Redline, you will have more time to slow down before you encounter a police officer. This device has great performance across all police radar bands, including X, K, and Ka, and it can detect all three of them.

The Escort Redline also possesses unequalled radar alert selectivity. It is excellent at distinguishing between alerts generated by neighbouring cars’ radar detectors and those generated by police radar guns. We’ve tested other kinds of radar detectors, but we have to admit that Escort and Beltronics’ rejection algorithms far outperform those of the competition. We have never gotten a warning from a radar detector in another car while using the Escort Redline. This is because it does a great job of filtering out unwanted radar signals.

The Escort Redline has practically every feature you could possibly want. Detection and display of several radar signals on a single screen, radar frequency display in numbers, and two antennas for very long range are a few of the characteristics that stand out.

What, therefore, is missing from the Redline? First of all, it lacks the responsiveness of other units and depends too much on its sensitivity. This can become a problem if the police officer uses their radar gun to capture speeds and switches it on and off fast. In this case, it’s possible that the Redline won’t even detect the radar signal. The Valentine One is the best detector for reactivity, so you should research it. The Valentine One additionally has arrows that show whether the radar source is in front of you or behind you, something the Redline lacks. The Escort Passport 9500ix has GPS capability; this device does not. We definitely missed it when we tried this device, since we had come to depend on the GPS detectors’ capacity to block out erroneous signals based on location. Additionally, the Redline lacks a function that would alert you to speed or red-light cameras, so you should search elsewhere.

The Escort Redline is the right choice if you want a radar detection device with the maximum range possible, outstanding false signal rejection, and an exceptional feature package. You should look elsewhere if you’re searching for a very responsive device or one that lets you know if the radar signal is coming from in front of or behind you. We found this to be one of the best products on the market and believe it to be among the best after extensive testing.