Is it possible to find email marketing campaign software that does everything you want it to do?

Having a reliable software that will track all of your email advertisements, as well as store all of your opt in subscribers is a necessary tool for email marketers. Without legitimate email marketing campaign software to track all of your email marketing campaigns, you’re just swinging in the air with your marketing. The true earmark of an excellent email marketer is that he or she tracks every single detail of their email marketing campaign.

What caused many marketers in the past to move away from email marketing was the lack of seeing profitable results from it. This was mainly due to them not utilizing email marketing campaign software to track all of their campaigns. With good email marketing campaign software, you will have the insight on which lists are most responsive, as well as how you should write your emails in order to generate the highest response.

So what do the best email marketing campaign software offer to their users?

Listed below are 3 important requirements that should be included in any email marketing campaign software you use now or in the future.

1. Must Measure The Open Rate

A great way to measure your email subject line effectiveness is to have software that tracks the amount of subscribers that actually open your email to read it. With this one mandatory tracking tool, you can determine which email subject lines are the most effective. This is powerful because you can gather an archive or database of the most responsive email subject lines and tailor all of your subject lines around the database of headlines that produced the highest email open rate.

If you are going to invest in any email marketing campaign software, you must make sure that this open rate measurement service is included in the software. This is the number one tool that you should be on the look out for.

2. Must Track Visitors

Good email marketing campaign software will measure not only the email open rate, but also track the amount of visitors that click on your link within your email in order to visit your recommended website. This visitor tracking tool is very important because it let’s you know 2 major things.

The first thing this tracking tool tells us is the number of responsive subscribers on the email list that we are marketing to. If you market to the same email list for some time, this tracking tool can give you an overall estimate of how many loyal subscribers are on this email list. For example, if you send out emails to a 10,000 subscriber list, and you only track on average 400 clicks from each mailing, then you can conclude that 4% of the subscribers on this list are loyal, responsive subscribers. Based on the information, you can then try to come up with creative ways to boost your email readership and improve the percentage of responsive subscribers. A decent percentage of responsive subscribers is around 10%.

The second thing this tracking tool tells us is what type of email copy we should write. Many people argue whether or not short email copy or long email copy is the best. This argument will be settled if everyone just tracked their own campaigns using email marketing campaign software. Different email list databases respond differently based off of the relationship you build with your subscribers. Therefore, there is no clear cut way to say that long email copy is better than short email copy. Only you can determine which works better for your own list by tracking the response of your email subscribers.

3. Must Gather a Database

Another excellent service is the capacity to compile a database of your most effective email campaigns. An outstanding email marketing campaign software will have the capacity to compile a list of your best email subject lines, as well as your best email ad copy that produced the most visitors. A high quality software will automate the arduous task of collecting data from your marketing results.

I hope that these 3 requirements helped you discover what you need to look for in email marketing campaign software. Finding software that includes all of these requirements can be hard to find. But if you find email marketing software that does all of these requirements at a decent cost, then I would advise that you take advantage of it. In my free report, I include information about a very affordable email marketing campaign service that I recommend. You can get this report at  But if you are doing a search for email marketing software, then you must make sure that it includes all of these 3 requirements. These 3 requirements are important for the success of your email marketing campaigns and will guarantee that you earn the maximum amount of income from every email promotion that you make.