Both email and mobile marketing have risen in popularity amongst business owners due to its effectiveness as a means of building customer loyalty and increasing revenue. Until very recently, the costs of email marketing and mobile marketing were prohibitive to all but the largest corporate players, and as such the market (certainly for mobile marketing) remains largely untapped to this day. Direct marketing using these methods has undergone a revolution in recent years. It has finally come to the forefront as a successful and affordable way to market to targeted individuals.

Email and SMS marketing are amongst two of the most highly responsive forms of direct marketing available. These forms of marketing require you to gather permission from the prospect in order to send ongoing messages, meaning that the messages that are sent are received by a truly receptive audience. This also allows for sending specific messages to certain groups of subscribers, which makes for much more targeted campaigns that produce much more serious results.

By sending carefully crafted email and SMS messages to a list of ‘opt-in’ prospects, business owners of all sizes are able to give themselves a fighting chance of generating more sales leads. This direct form of marketing tends to prompt a response from prospects in a way that just isn’t possible with most other traditional marketing strategies. The degree of two-way communication offered by these types of marketing options often makes it a much more appealing avenue to both sides of the communication channel.

Up until very recently, the upfront costs have served as a major barrier to entry for these particular kinds of marketing for many smaller businesses. The ongoing costs of email and SMS mobile marketing also contributed to the inaccessibility of these as marketing channels.

Given the advancement in surrounding technologies and the availability of marketing agencies set up to provide these services, email marketing and marketing by SMS now require very little outlay in terms of infrastructural costs. These advancements have also led to a vast reduction in the marginal costs of sending each new marketing message.

As a result, businesses of all shapes and sizes, and across different industries and sectors can afford to market through mobile and email channels with very little, if any, fixed costs of getting started. Also, the costs associated with actually sending marketing messages over either email or SMS are relatively small, with the majority of the costs show up on the profit margin side of the business if you are offering discounts.

Now, email marketing and mobile marketing are now affordable and accessible to even the smallest of business owners, and there is no excuse not to seize the opportunity and leverage the benefits of these relatively new technologies in order to grow their sales. While for some, the concept of marketing online and using these types of ‘new media’ marketing solutions is still alien. But those that have already embraced the values of modern technology can benefit from diversifying their marketing strategies, with email marketing and mobile marketing leading the way.