An internet Marketing Plan is a must if you are really planning to make money on the Internet. Many people make the mistake of building a web site before forming an Internet Marketing Plan.

A majority of people refrain from making an Internet Marketing Plan because they feel they lack adequate knowledge about Internet Marketing, or are not sure on what exactly they want.

Though marketing on the Internet is different from offline marketing, in some cases it is very much the same. As in offline marketing, you also need to be strategic in your online marketing approach in order to achieve success. Here is a step-by-step guide which will help you to create an Internet Marketing Plan.

Once you know what kind of product you want to sell and what kind of market you want to tap, here are a few steps which you need to get started on an Internet Marketing Plan:

1. Prepare a SWOT: Knowing your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) will really help you to think about your business and can also help you to understand how good you are and where you need to work on.

2. Strike a Chord with Your Target Market: Invest a lot of time in noting everything about the market which you wish to target. Always endeavor to strike a personal chord with your target market. Get down to the root of what exactly they need, what hurts them, and how your business can help them.

3. Determine Your Unique Selling Position: The Unique Selling Position is simply the point which makes your business different from others. Be very clear in determining what makes your company or business different; why should people prefer you? Why should they buy your products? This is the most vital part of your marketing plan. So it will be better for you if you have the clear idea of your Unique Selling Position before actually engaging into marketing.

4. Set your Prices: Many people get stuck on the concept of pricing. It is very important to research the market on the Internet to place yourself accordingly. Being the least expensive doesn’t always work. It is very important for you to set your prices and then test them to see where your sales come from.

5. Marketing Strategy: This is simply writing down everything you plan to do to promote your business on the Internet. Make your strategies in accordance with your potential or planned Return On Investment (ROI). You will have to initially concentrate on activities which can yield the maximum ROI.

6. Product Distribution: Whether you have a physical product, a digital product, or a service doesn’t matter; what matters is the delivery of your products to your clients and customers. Always be sure your marketing plan goes over the details and practicality of how your products will be delivered. Once you do this, it will help you to narrow down the fastest and most reliable product distribution method to your customers.

7. Testing, Tracking and Improving: Last but definitely not least, testing, tracking and improving will help you to make lot of money. Don’t ignore this. Analyze every product, every step and every procedure in order to determine what really works for you and what you should scrap.

To sum up, if you want to taste success in your business arena, you must first realize how vital it is to have an Internet Marketing Plan. You will lose out in the end if you don’t create a proper Internet Marketing Plan.