Are you trying to increase sales or diversify your business? Well, one quick and easy approach is to establish yourself as the neighbourhood expert. It may push you a little outside of your comfort zone, but it may really be a very good thing. I know it seems easy, and to be honest, it is pretty simple. You get closer to the broader objectives you’re striving for every time you venture outside of your comfort zone. And what about that? Your sales will rise each time you go beyond your comfort zone, and soon you’ll be setting greater and better objectives.

How do you then become the local authority? Simply said, you need to establish yourself as an expert in eBay, Amazon, online marketing, and other areas of the industry. Inform your loved ones, close friends, and coworkers. Free advertising to small groups and meetings, distribution of leaflets and fliers on notice boards, and word-of-mouth marketing are all options.If you’re daring enough, you may provide a one-day seminar on a Saturday for no charge or for a small price to cover your expenses. Yes, free. You see, if you hold a free class and get, say, 20 people to come, as long as you teach them something useful and make a short sales pitch at the end, you will always get paying customers.

Another option is to issue free press releases and write free articles for regional newspapers and radio stations. By doing this, you will build your name recognition in the area, and when someone needs or wants an eBay or SEO expert, they will contact you with that name on their mind. And guess what? Your name will appear on the check they give you.

Try to talk to three people every day, or put three fliers in your neighbourhood to spread the word about yourself. Eventually, this will snowball and you will start receiving phone calls. If you follow these easy methods, you will quickly establish yourself as the local authority in a couple of weeks. “My closest buddy just recommended me to contact you as I need to sell something on eBay.”

Andrew is passionate about people, direct marketing, and the internet. He has discovered the hard way that leveraging sales data may help you build a livelihood online. The evidence you need to determine whether or not your product will sell is sales statistics.