HOTTEA.COM.UA tea store invites all fans of delicious and aromatic tea! We are pleased to offer a wide range of quality teas from different parts of the world, from classic varieties to exclusive and rare types of tea.

You will find tea for every mood and occasion in our HOTTEA tea store: from morning tea for a vigorous start to the day, to relaxing herbal tea for evening rest. Our tea experts know everything about each type of tea to help you choose the perfect drink for your taste and mood. We guarantee fast delivery and high-quality service so that your tea drinking experience is at the highest level.

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HOTTEA tea range

HOTTEA tea store presents a wide range of teas of the highest quality from all over the world. Here you will find strong black teas, including Indian Assam, Darjeeling and Masala spiced tea, Chinese red teas Jin Jun Mei, Dian Hong and smoked Lapsang Souchong tea.

There are also Green teas, which are perfectly refreshing and provide a tonic effect. From Japanese green teas you can order: Matcha – powdered green tea; Genmaicha – green tea with the addition of grains of brown fried rice; Sencha – tea with gentle steam treatment.

Chinese green teas are represented by such popular varieties as Bilochun – delicate spring tea from Jiangxi; Longjing – the famous Dragon Well tea from Zhejiang; Mao Feng – popular green tea from Huangshan and Yunnan provinces; fragrant Molihua is a blend of Chinese green tea with jasmine buds.

If you cannot decide which tea is better to buy, green or black, we can offer an alternative – oolong tea. This type represents an intermediate degree of fermentation between green and black teas, and combines the properties characteristic of both of them. Here you will find Wuyishan dark oolongs with their legendary Da Hong Pao (or Big Red Robe), light Southern Fujian oolongs with their famous Tie Guan Yin (or Iron Goddess of Mercy), milk oolong and ginseng oolong, as well as rare Guangdong oolongs. Taiwanese teas are represented by gaba oolongs. Their distinctive feature is a high content of GABA, which improves concentration and memory, has a calming effect, eliminates emotional lability and increases resistance to stress.

Chinese white teas will delight connoisseurs of delicate tastes. Here you will find Bai Hao Yin Zhen (or Silver Needles) – an elite white tea consisting exclusively of selected quality tea buds. Also available are Bai Mu Dan (or White Peony) and Shou Mei.

And of course, here you will find pu-erh. This tea has an invigorating effect, helps relieve fatigue and increase productivity, and also has a number of beneficial health properties.

For those who are looking for a soothing drink for evening tea, we can offer aromatic herbal blends from Germany. We also have exotic herbal teas, the most prominent representative of which is Butterfly Pea tea. This unusual blue drink is made from the flowers of a tropical vine called clitoria ternatea. This is an absolutely natural flower tea, and the unusual blue color is provided by anthocyanins contained in the clitoria’s buds. If you add some lime or lemon juice to Butterfly Pea tea, the color of the drink will acquire a purple tint.

You can also buy other ethnic herbal teas at the HOTTEA tea store: South African rooibos, Egyptian hibiscus, Paraguayan mate, buckwheat tea and Chinese kudin. Everyone can find a suitable option for themselves.

Quality service

In addition, our store has excellent customer support and we are always ready to help with any questions related to orders or tea selection. The HOTTEA online tea store has a convenient form for placing an order, as well as fast delivery throughout Ukraine. Join our satisfied clients today! We are sure that you will find your favorite tea and will definitely come back to us again. Happy tea drinking!