Building a business requires certain actions be taken in an orderly fashion. An important first step is to define your target market. You must be sure that your message is seen by people who are interested in your message.

You should make every effort to define who your target market is right up front. There are several questions concerning targeting that you need to answer:

  1. Who do you want to attract?
  2. What do they need to accomplish?
  3. What problems do they need solved?
  4. What segment of the market are you interested in attracting?
  5. Are you ready, willing and able to provide the solution?

Since the network marketing industry is the focus of this article, this market will be addressed. When segmentation of this market is applied, we see that more than one demographic can be targeted.

Business Opportunity Seekers

This target market realizes that they need a way to make money (most of them want to do it through a home-based business)… and this is closely related to the same needs an Internet marketing opportunity addresses.

They have been on the Internet looking at many opportunities. One of the main issues they may be having is information overload. They may feel confused about what it is they need to do.

What are they trying accomplish? What are they trying to fix? What are they trying to avoid?

Prospects Who Are Already Researching Your Internet Marketing Opportunity

This is a fantastic niche target market to consider in your target market analysis. They are familiar with some of the benefits of your company and are in research mode.

  • They are seeking out the best opportunity to join. What they want to know is how, “How can you help me?”
  • They already know why they need an Internet marketing opportunity.
  • They know they need training and education in order to be successful.


You will attract people who may have no desire to get involved in the business side with you. They are more interested in your products or services. Following the principles of Attraction Marketing and delivering attractive/educational content, consistently, will make you an expert on the subject matter and turn them into repeat and satisfied customers.

These two categories, Business Opportunity seekers and Customers are two distinctly different target markets. Each one has its own lead generation and marketing efforts. Additionally, their motivations, problems and solutions you can provide are also different.

Now that you have an idea of the who and why, what about the how?

Using A 21st Century Methodology Called Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing has now replaced the old school network marketing model of prospecting, lead generation and sponsoring! This marketing uses Internet technology that gives you the tools and resources needed to attract people to you and your business opportunity.

This strategy uses tactics that you deploy in your overall marketing plan. Tactics include blogging, article marketing, video, using social sites, plus many others. Each one is designed to get one thing done…

Building your own list of targeted prospects!

Jay Dyson trains network marketers and home based business owners how to effectively use no-cost and low-cost strategies such as attraction marketing, Web 2.0, email marketing, content sharing as well as other strategies and tactics.