While the majority of the economy limps along, the pet business is flourishing. It is estimated that $50.84 billion will be spent on our pets in the U.S. in 2011. America’s and the world’s relationship with their fuzzy partners is confirmed by their ways of managing money. Canine and feline parents’ investing is at an all-time high…and quite a bit of it is on movement costs. Believe it or not—competing right behind pet wellbeing and boarding costs, canine and feline guardians are opening up their wallets to take Fido and Fluffy to pet-friendly lodgings and get them those much-needed travel supplies.

We Friendly Hotels led an internet-based survey of canine and feline guardians who travel with their little ones to uncover what they search for while tracking down canine and feline-friendly inns and facilities. Here are their main five.

Even though pet guardians won’t hesitate to open up their wallets for their felines and canines, they actually need an arrangement. While picking pet-friendly lodgings or facilities, pet guardians contrast pet charges while figuring out where to book their visit. Many look adversely on pet cordial facilities that charge high expenses, as they compare high expenses to “not pet agreeable.”


Pooch and kitty invite bins, beds, and bowls are among the little things that go quite far with pet guardians. To most, the way to their souls is through their creatures. Pet-friendly inns and facilities that provide these benefits to spoil Fido and Fluffy’s choice of where to stay.Conveniences become all the more variable for longer stays or get-away stays. Canine strolling, pet sitting, and pet attendant services are among the conveniences that become more vital to pet guardians during these kinds of stays.


Pet guardians are less able to drive off in an unexpected direction for facilities while going with their four-legged mates. When they are reserving short-term visits while heading to their last objective, they will choose pet-friendly facilities nearest to their movement course-and will pay something else for it. Feline guardians specifically have a more grounded inclination to not drive any farther than they need to. For the most part, felines aren’t as prepared voyagers as canines and are just as unsettled travelling. Consequently, the less time spent in the vehicle, the better.

Accommodations and lodgings that permit homegrown creatures, but whose approaches list various limitations, are seen as “not pet-amiable.” Pet guardians are less inclined to book their visits at facilities whose pet arrangements are stacked with limitations and punishments. They search out facilities that invite their shaggy sidekicks and, subsequently, will generally pass on facilities with excessively prohibitive pet strategies.

Faithfulness to Pet Friendly Hotel Chains:

A fascinating proclivity for pet guardians is that once they discover a well-suited inn network that caters to their canine or feline companions, they will frequently book at that inn network even when they are not travelling with their four-legged companions.As referenced previously, the way to their souls is through their pets! 
As the world’s relationship with their little critters develops, pet guardians will keep on utilising their monetary muscle…raising the bar for pet well-disposed lodgings and pet travel.

Kim Salerno is the President and Founder of TripsWithPets.com. She established the pet travel site in 2003 and is a specialist in the field of pet travel. Her well-known site highlights pet-friendly inns and facilities across the US and Canada, alongside other supportive pet travel assets. Her main goal is to make sure that pets are welcomed, happy, and safe as they move around.