Internet viral marketing is one of the best ways to get your product, service or website out there. You can take your business to new heights if you learn the techniques and strategies of viral marketing, and how to properly implement them to be successful.

Viral marketing is not a new idea, but perhaps a newer term. Before the Internet there were people who used viral marketing techniques but called the process direct marketing, network marketing and word of mouth.

The Internet though, has brought marketing to new heights and now refers to this online buzz as viral marketing. It’s the ability to produce something and make people want to pass that information around, marketing to many people.

Some great examples of internet viral marketing would be the sites that offered free online email accounts many years ago. Eg, Hotmail.

Their strategy was to keep their email accounts free, but each time you sent an email out to your friends you were advertising for them using the little advertisement they attached to your emails. Imagine what happened when you wrote a really good email and it got forwarded to ten of your friends who forwarded it to ten of their friends, etc.

All of a sudden you could be advertising to thousands and even millions depending on how good the information was from one simple email that you wrote. This internet viral marketing strategy allowed these free email companies to get their brand out there, quick, fast, and real easy and their free email accounts were not the only service they offered.

The basic theory behind viral marketing is being able to take one idea, thought, message, etc., and have that presented to unlimited amounts of people with minimal effort. There are so many resources and ideas available to do this and the Internet has given us a lot more inexpensive methods.

Media marketing used to be one of the fastest viral marketing techniques. People would view or hear your advertisement and talk about it with their friends, co-workers and acquaintances. Now, using the Internet, people can click a button and forward these messages to their friends, family, and acquaintances. They may also post them on their favourite social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, to share with their friends. The opportunity for viral marketing the world-wide-web has added is endless.

Some of the best internet marketers are creating free ebooks, giving their visitors and readers free information. At the end or throughout the ebooks they have their reader’s full attention, so they are able to market tools, services and software to these people as they read. Because the free information in their ebooks is so useful, it is then passed all over the Internet through friends and then friends of friends. You get the idea! You market it to ten people, who continue to market your product by just passing on the valuable information they have received.

Another brilliant way people have gone viral on the Internet is through the use of online videos. People upload videos of all kinds and whether it’s comedy, informational, etc, they can either mention their website name or product throughout the video. If your video is deemed good enough, people will send it to all their friends and family and your company name, product, link, etc is all over that video. It’s a method of internet viral marketing.

Having an online contest or competition can help you go viral with your marketing. People love to win things and if your prize is really good, people will want to share it with their family or friends. If you have a contest where people need to collect votes in order to win, those people who entered the contest will be trying to gain as many votes as possible. They’ll be directly advertising your website and the contest to all their friends and family and trying to get them to go to your website to vote for them. What an easy way to have people do the work for you, right? If you have something people want and know how to offer it, you can make your business soar!

Some tips on making your advertising go viral, is to make people feel your ad. Whether you make them angry, or really happy, you will get their attention and they will want to know more. You don’t want them to stay neutral. You want to exaggerate their feelings one way or another. When people’s blood starts flowing with an adrenaline rush and the buzzing starts, you have achieved your goal. They will start telling their friends, family and work colleagues about your advert.

Create something provocative that people will want to talk about. You want to be the story that is coming out of everyone’s mouth. You want people to think about what they’ve read, or heard and that they want to share it. It’s about your marketing being so good that everyone wants to share it, because they liked it or it can benefit someone, etc. If your ad or story is too dry, there is no reason for people to remember it or want to share it.

Allow people to share, download or embed your information throughout the web so that more people will be able to see it. You can encourage people to share it, but remember if your information isn’t something worth sharing, people won’t. Don’t ever put restriction on your campaign for people to share it. You want it to be free and go viral. No need for people to register or need any special software. No unlocking codes. Let the information be at everyone’s fingertips, and be given the ability to allow everyone to read it easily.

The point is you want your product or idea to spread like wild fire. By having everyone talk about your product or idea, your company will begin to grow and continue to grow. The longer your advertisement is in circulation, the more people that will find your company or product. You want your product to spread the way a virus does, person to person. The more people that know your name or idea the faster your company or product will grow. So, take your item and grow. Go viral!