An internet marketing strategy will give you the potential to advertise your business to literally the whole world in just a click of a mouse. This is just one of the many benefits of an internet marketing strategy. Unlike offline marketing methods which include things like yellow pages, radio ads, billboards, etc. that cost thousands, and only reach out to a small geographical area; you can easily introduce your business to someone on the other side of the globe.

The factor that makes internet marketing even more valuable, is that you can market your business for free, or for literally pennies on the dollar compared to many of the expensive offline marketing methods. This is another one of the great benefits of an internet marketing strategy; it can give you flexibility. You can either work for your traffic which includes utilizing the free marketing tools, or you can pay for your traffic. Internet marketing is very versatile, and can fit many of your needs.

Paying for your traffic can give you immediate results within minutes after you set them up. One paid method would include pay-per-click. The definition of pay-per-click is just how it sounds. You pay a certain amount every time that someone clicks on your link, and goes to your website. I want to emphasize that if you use methods like pay-per-click, you will want to enroll yourself into a reputable online marketing course.

You can very easily lose a lot of money in a very short period of time with nothing to show for it, if you do not know how to utilize keyword research into your pay-per-click campaigns. Keyword research is extremely important because it will help you to place your pay-per-click ads in places that will only be found by qualified potential customers. For example, if you are selling shoes, you don’t want someone who is buying a hat to click on your link, and waste your advertising dollars.

One of my favorite benefits of an internet marketing strategy is that it can also cater to individuals or businesses that do not have a large advertising budget, or none at all. You have the option of many free marketing tools.

Now, these are not going to offer you immediate results by any means, but they do offer you astounding long-term results. Through methods like article marketing, video marketing, and blogging, these methods are always working for you day in and day out. Over time, the free marketing methods can drive a massive amount of traffic to your website.

Again, I highly recommend that you enroll yourself into an online marketing course that will teach you all of the techniques and strategies involved with these methods. Keyword research is also a key component. There is a bit of a learning curve involved in all aspects of internet marketing, but once you master a few of the tricks, you will reap many of the benefits of a good internet marketing strategy!

Dave Fennell is an Investment Advisor who is transitioning into a Home Based Business in Internet Marketing. He specializes in Article Marketing, Blogging, Social Network Marketing, Video Marketing, and many other Top Online Marketing Strategies.