Article marketing has made quite a name for itself within the last few years as word has spread about its effectiveness at generating traffic. It used to be a little-known secret amongst Internet marketing gurus; but the word is out, and anybody can make use of this type of promotion to get massive traffic to their website.

There are many different strategies used when it comes to article marketing, and indeed, it can lead to some quite intense discussions about how it should be used.

Even the top Internet marketers use article marketing in different ways, which leads us to assume that there is in fact no strategy that is set in stone that leads to results, but rather different methods that can be implemented.

The Rise Of Bum Marketing

When bum marketing first arrived on the scene, it promoted writing as many articles as possible and sending them out in bulk quantity. Nobody can argue that many people cashed in using bum marketing, and that the results are there as long as the heavy workload of producing mass articles can be continued on a daily basis.

The wonderful thing that did come about from this marketing promotion was it supplied hope to many marketers that were frustrated and did not know which way to turn next to earn a solid income on the Internet.

Once people started seeing results, hope was renewed in many. Article marketing became known and well respected as a valuable way of getting traffic and consistent income.

At this time, the secrets about article marketing became better known as marketers looked for ways to increase traffic without having to write in bulk. There had to be an easier, less time consuming way to get tons of traffic using article marketing. The search was on. Today, many Internet marketers are using this form of marketing in innovative ways to lessen the time writing and further increase their traffic level.

Article Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Traffic And Income

Article Marketing Strategy # 1: Focusing On Quality

There are many ways to get massive exposure to your website using articles as promotion. Some article marketers write one or two exceptional articles a day and then work on promoting the articles so that they will rise in the search engine rankings. This strategy works on quality more than quantity, and has proven itself a leader as well in getting traffic to a website.

Promotional techniques used on these quality articles include building up backlinks to the article so that it can appear on Google’s front page, and on the first page in other major search engines as well. Some Internet marketers will also use the article as basis for a Squidoo lens or a Hub page so that the information receives as much exposure as possible.

With exposure comes traffic. If an article can appear within the top three for its keyword, and remain there using back links, then it can become a reliable traffic generator for quite possibly years to come. Once it has risen to this level, it can be easy to maintain with more backlinking to be done to the article from time to time.

Article Marketing Strategy # 2: Balancing Between Quality And Quantity

Another strategy that can be used is a combination of quantity and quality. An interesting technique used by some marketers is to write a top-notch article that would be worthy of top ranking by the search engines, and then write less deserving articles that link back to the original quality article.

Lower quality articles can be mass-produced and outsourced to writers at a fairly low price, since they are being generated primarily for back links only. Of course, you do not want to send out garbage articles either, since your reputation is on the line; so make sure that the articles are good enough to still reflect positively on your business.

Article Marketing Strategy # 3: Submitting To Targeted Webmasters

Article marketing does not only have to apply to directory submissions, although the term usually brings this concept to mind. Smart marketers know that there are amazing amounts of traffic to be found on other websites that have made a mark in the niche they are promoting.

A well-designed article can be sent to a Webmaster of a popular website; and if they like it, it can be included on the website itself or sent out as part of a newsletter. Webmasters are often looking for new material, and will be quite grateful for the article as long as it is well presented and targeted to their clientele.

Final Words Of Advice

You can generate huge amounts of traffic to any website using articles as your means of promotion. Various methods work differently for each niche; and before settling on one method of article marketing, you should test the waters and see what kind of traffic you can generate using various techniques.

The idea with article marketing is to use it to create the most traffic you can to your website. There is no fixed strategy to implement. Whatever works, works. Start using these different methods and start seeing more visitors. Once you see significant amounts of traffic, you will know which technique works the best for your niche and you can then ramp it up. This is what the experts do, and it will always work.