The world is made up of consumers and retailers. Retailers are the supplier of goods and services. However, consumers are the ones who purchase the goods and services that the retailers sell.

The law of supply and demand is the cardinal rule in internet marketing. The consumer initiates the demand and the retailers tries to provide the demand. In this dance of consumption and supplementation, the middle is the marketer. This is the person who acts as the link between the retailer, which is a company or an organization, and the customer. The sales that a company can obtain mostly depends on the ability of the marketer to sell the product or service of the company that he or she work for. For that reason, for a business to prosper and be profitable, they have to acquire the services of a competent marketer.

Now that we have confirmed the muscle that a marketer can beget to a business, let us scrutinize the individual, who is the marketer. There are two types of marketers. On one hand, we have the peddlers. And on the other hand, are the “marketers”. Let me enlighten you about my very redundant sentences. Peddlers are people who function as a marketer. How? They chase and pitch products and services to any person who is alive. “Marketers”, on one hand, market themselves and market a solution for people who are aspiring for what they already have.

To put it simply, peddlers run after everybody. While “marketers” only go after specific persons who are the target market of their product or service. What are the significance of these two different marketing techniques in the success of your business?

Going after all people will take so much of your time. Let’s say you’re advertising cars to a community who prefers to take the bus? Where do you think will your marketing attempts take you? And how much time do you think will it take you to finish talking to all these people? Now ponder on this. If this is works for you, it’s okay. This may work for some, but not at the speed that you want them to work in.

Marketers make the most of a useful Internet marketing tool that works for them and generate results that are favorable for their business. What do you think is this tool that we are talking about? The answer is Attraction Marketing. Attraction Marketing is a tool that helps your target market identify to you as a retailer of a product or a service that gratify them. Attraction marketing helps you learn how to promote “YOU” as an individual whom they can trust and make business with. Encourage yourself to learn how to improve your marketing skills and prospecting skills. And it introduces you to the word of funded-proposal, which is a procedure of making money off a prospect even if they didn’t join your business. In toto, Attraction marketing provides solutions instead of pitching your product. Through this method, you get your customers’ trust, hence you create a lingering relationship with them.