What Amazon category ungating is? Why some categories are gated? How to get approval to sell them? Let’s find out below. 

Amazon Category Ungating requires sellers to get approval from Amazon before they can sell them. But why does Amazon gate some categories? And how can you get ungated in them? In this article, we will explain in detail. 

Best Ungated Categories for Amazon Sellers 

Amazon Category Ungating is open for new sellers without approval. There are 23 ungated categories, but some have gated parts that need permission. Gated categories need Amazon’s approval to sell. Some categories are restricted by Amazon FBA rules or product types. Some of the best ungated categories for Amazon sellers are: 

  • Books: Books are one of the most popular and profitable products to sell on Amazon. You can sell new or used books in various genres and niches, such as fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, children’s books, etc. Books are simple to find, keep, and send, and they sell well with little rivalry. 
  • Home & Kitchen: Home & kitchen products are also very popular and profitable on Amazon. You can sell various items for home improvement, decoration, cooking, cleaning, etc., such as furniture, appliances, utensils, bedding, etc. Home & kitchen products sell well and have many choices… 
  • Toys & Games: Toys & games are another great category to sell on Amazon, especially during the holiday season. You can sell toys and games for kids of all ages, such as puzzles, board games, dolls, action figures, etc. Toys & games sell well and have faithful customers. 

Best Ungated Categories for Amazon Sellers

These are just some examples of the best ungated categories for Amazon sellers. You can also explore other ungated categories such as Clothing and accessories, Electronics and accessories, Sports and outdoors, etc., depending on your interest and expertise. 

Why Are Some Categories Restricted on Amazon? 

To answer this question, let’s understand that Amazon restricts some categories for various reasons, such as: 

Customer safety and satisfaction: Some products may endanger customers’ health or safety or need special care or certification. For instance, food and drinks, beauty products, medical items, etc., are restricted because they may be unsafe, spoiled, faulty, or harmful. 

Legal compliance: Some products may break state or federal laws or violate intellectual property rights. For instance, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and related items, weapons and explosives, fake goods, etc., are restricted because they may breach laws or rules. 

Quality control: Some products may get many returns or complaints or need better seller performance or professionalism. For instance, jewellery and watches, fine art and collectables, video games and consoles, etc., are restricted because they may be ruined, counterfeit, or defective. 

Why Are Some Categories Restricted on Amazon?

Amazon restricts some categories to protect its customers, sellers, and reputation. By gating some categories, Amazon ensures that only qualified and trustworthy sellers can offer those products and that customers can buy with confidence. 

How to Get Ungated in Amazon Categories?

Still have a way for sellers who want to increase profit and revenue. To get ungated in different categories, you can follow these steps: 

Step 1: Get an Amazon Professional Seller account. You must have this account to apply for category approval. It costs $39.99 per month and has many tools and features to help your business grow. 

Step 2: Buy 10 products each from three categories (Beauty; Health and Personal Care; and Grocery and Gourmet Food). Get them from good suppliers or wholesalers with valid invoices or receipts. These must have your and the supplier’s info; the product info; and the date. 

Step 3: Wait for the products to arrive. You must own the products before you can apply for category approval. You must also check the products and make sure they are good and match the description and specifications.  

Step 4: Send the invoices or receipts to Amazon. You must upload them to your Seller Central account and complete the category approval form for each category you want to sell in. You must give information such as your seller name, email address, phone number, and product details. 

Step 5: Wait for Amazon to check the invoices or receipts. Amazon will look at your application and documents and approve or reject your request. This may take a few hours or days, depending on the category and the number of requests. 

Step 6: If approved, you can sell in the categories for the products you bought. You can list and sell those products on Amazon and get the advantages of selling in ungated categories. 

Step 7: If not approved, you can try different products or ask Amazon for more details. You may have to give more documents or evidence of authenticity or compliance for some products or categories. You can also contact Amazon’s seller support team and get help or an explanation. 

How to Get Ungated in Amazon Categories?

An Amazon Category Ungating service at Amazoker can help you get approved in any category or brand on Amazon quickly and easily. Amazoker can also help you with Amazon appeal service if your account gets suspended or restricted by Amazon. 

Selling in Amazon Category Ungating can be a rewarding and profitable experience for Amazon sellers. By following this guide, you can learn how to get ungated in different categories and how to sell successfully in those categories. We hope this post was helpful and informative for you.