Although many people that start affiliate Internet marketing fail, it still remains a growing industry that has made more millionaires than any other industry. If you have started your affiliate Internet marketing career and are failing to see the results you want, stop for a moment and take a look at what successful affiliate marketers are doing. We are always learning, no matter what profession you may be working. Sometimes all it takes to get on the road to success is to see the paths that have already been laid down for us. Let’s take a look for a brief moment on some of the most common pitfalls facing affiliate marketers and how to avoid those pitfalls.

Wrong Market

This is one area that no matter what you do, you will never see results. If people are not purchasing a product, there is no need in continually attempting to promote that product. This is why successful affiliate marketers research before they begin to promote a product. They search the market, and find products that people are already buying. The easiest product to promote is the product that is in demand.

Some markets are more difficult to get into than others. However, sometimes it is necessary to look into the sub-markets of the larger market. Sub-markets are known as niches. Although the health, money making, and weight loss markets are more difficult to crack into top search engine listings, smaller niches within these markets can be profitable from the very first day. To be successful at affiliate Internet marketing requires that you do your market research prior to putting time in to promote a product.

Promoting Too Many Products

New marketers often build a website or blog and begin marketing not one, but dozens of products at the same time. Most of the successful marketers concentrate on one or two products at a time before moving on to the next product. When you are promoting a dozen products all at once, you tend to spread marketing efforts thin. Not only that but your platform, whether a website or blog, begins to look spammy and overcrowded. Your message becomes lost.

Jumping From One Strategy To Another

Affiliate programs are strategies for success. When you invest in a strategy, stick with it for at least 60 days. The main reason people think affiliate Internet marketing is a scam is because they never stick with one program for more than a week. The sales page you see and probably bought into is a “sales page”. If you are using the strategy inside the program to sell the program, the “sales page” is one of your tools. It is not the one thing that is going to bring you money. Only consistent hard work will make money on the Internet.

Do not confuse affiliate Internet marketing programs with marketing a product. Most programs are strategies to help you promote products. It is natural to attempt to promote the same strategy you are using, however if you use the strategy to promote a completely different product you will see amazing results.

Using Pre-Fab Websites

Many affiliate Internet marketing programs give you a website as part of the package. the major problem with this is that it is difficult to stand out from the crowd with the same site that ten thousand other affiliates use. Although you may not have much money to spend when first starting your affiliate marketing career, there are plenty of places to purchase inexpensive domain names and web hosting. Most can be purchased in packages for under $10 a month.

Not Building A List

The most successful people in affiliate Internet marketing today have one specific thing in common. They build lists. Lists are nothing more than email capturing. Places like Aweber and GetResponse are ideal places to set up accounts and begin an opt-in list for your website newsletter. In this newsletter you give out some useful information and that is it. No product promotion to your list for at least a month. Affiliate Internet marketing is about building relationships with your customers. Build trust in your customers and they will buy products from you.

Avoid these pitfalls as you build your affiliate business. Success in affiliate Internet marketing comes with research, hard work and the ability to keep learning new things everyday. It is about building trust with your customers. I am not talking about just lip service trust either. I mean building real trust among your customers. Don’t just try to promote something because it has a good commission. Promote products and services that truly solve a problem within your niche and a product you would not mind telling your family about. These are the keys to successful affiliate Internet marketing.