The ProForm Elliptical Trainer By Icon

Move over, Richard Simmons! In the game of “All’s Fair in Love and Fitness,” there’s a new exercise giant in town. Icon Health and Fitness is the largest fitness retail company on the globe, and finding their products in neighborhood gyms from New York to Toyko is as easy as one, two, three, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have one right in the comfort of your own living room. Just check out some of their subsidiaries like Reebox, Nordic Track, and Welco. And then there is the ProFrom Elliptical Trainer by Icon, which has continued to bring Icon, a company grossing more than one billion dollars a year, the infamy created by the Nordic Track in spite of consistent ProForm Elliptical reviews of “average” and a host of well publicized problems.

Variations of the ProForm Elliptical Trainer

Designed especially for the casual runner, there are four types of ProForm Elliptical Trainers, including the ProForm 880, the ProForm 1080S, the ProForm 1280,and the ProForm CrossOver. Icon’s elliptical trainers range in price from three hundred to one thousand dollars, and our marketed as a light duty machine. So, if you enjoy “Sweating to the Oldies” every morning between four and seven, this isn’t the elliptical trainer for you.

What sets Icon’s ProForm Elliptical Trainer as the leader of the pack is the ability to create an cheap machine that looks like a million bucks, and you can bet dollars to doughnuts that you won’t find any plastic on these babies. After all, Icon is know for pulling out all the stops. The big “cha-ching” factor with the company’s elliptical trainer is their incorporation of the iFit technology. An interactive program that allows the consumer to take the reigns over their workout through the completion of multiple challenges and obstacle courses-sort of like the computer chip’s answer to a really pushy personal trainer. The ProForm Elliptical Trainer offers a cut and dry warranty of just ninety days for service, and an additional ninety days for parts, but there’s always the option of an extended warranty.

ProForm Elliptical Reviews

Consumer Reports (CR) considers itself an authority on counting the usefulness of products for the home. The organization praised the ProForm Elliptical Trainer on being easy to use, giving the machine a “very good” rating in that category, but when it come to reliability and quality of components, the pride and joy of Icon came up a little short, as did the majority of other trainers and treadmills sporting the Icon logo. ProForm Elliptical reviews by Consumer Reports were marked overwhelmingly “average” With regard to the 1080S ProForm, CR cited an incident in which the machine arrived in their lab with a “defective resistance mechanism” that could not be reversed. The company complained of receiving a second test model with a the same problem. Consumer Reports’ ProForm Elliptical review also took note of faulty hand-grip heart-rate sensor offered as attachments with trainers.