Affiliate marketing is currently the hottest idea for making money online. It is a fairly simple method with very little investment and long-term source of income.

How does it work? The process includes following people: Seller, Middle man and Customer. The middleman refers to the internet marketer. He earns his income by promoting the product of the seller to the customer and helps in generating sales, for which he receives a commission as an affiliate.

There are 5 Steps to earn a good income from affiliate marketing

1. Choose your niche: First task is to identify a topic/ niche that you are interested in or passionate about. Like any other work, it helps if you are interested in the particular area. You may use online forums or search engines to identify ideas and products that are popular now. For e.g. one niche could be the weight loss market. Stick to your niche after you have decided on one. Jumping from one niche to another will destroy the loyalty of your customers.

2. Choose your product: Once you have identified your niche market, investigate any products that are profitable and easily marketable. For this, you can take the help of affiliate marketing networks like Commission Junction, Click bank etc. These sites are free to register and you can search for your product in their marketplace. Once you are registered, a special link will be given to you with your affiliate ID encrypted in it. Each time a customer follows that link and purchases a product; you will be paid a commission. E.g. A product could be a “Diet Plan” in the weight loss niche.

3. Create a website or blog: Creating a blog or website will help you place your affiliate links there and reach a wide audience of customers. Especially having a personal domain name ( will bring in more customers. Web hosting companies like GoDaddy and Host monster offer very cheap ways of hosting your website.

4. Create quality content: All the traffic to your website or blog depends on the quality of content in them. To attract customers, and convert clicks to sales, all promotional matter must be alluring to the customers. You can either do research and create your own content or get someone else to write content for you.

5. Drive traffic to website/blog: In order to make money through affiliate marketing you need to push quality traffic to your site or blog. To drive up website traffic, you can use different methods like: Paid Advertisement, Classified Ads, Article marketing and E-mail marketing etc.

These 5 Steps will help you sail the path of success in affiliate marketing with ease.