Treasure Hunt London to discover your city

Playtime is essential for well-being, in adults as well as in children. Despite this, the cities we live in are rarely thought of as places of play. One UK-based company, The Secret City, is changing this by creating Treasure Hunts in London, designed for teams to interact and have fun in London’s surroundings.

The Secret City are transforming practical urban spaces into places of leisure. They believe city streets needn’t just be stretches we hurry down on the way from A to B, but instead could form treasured parts of our day to day lives.

“We spend so much time in cities, why not have fun with them?” the company’s Founder and CEO. “School playgrounds are often little more than tarmac slabs, glorified car-parks, but this doesn’t stop children from enjoying them, and for this they reap the benefits. With a bit of creativity we hope to encourage adults to do the same with the streets they live and work in.”

The Secret City design treasure hunts with a twist. Taking inspiration from escape rooms, they are transforming cities into interactive, puzzle-filled trails, playable from any phone. They are making studious use of what is already there- statues, sculptures, buildings, oddities and strange snippets from local history- to create playgrounds for all ages out of everyday urban environments.

The real star of the show however is the cities themselves. “There are so many fascinating things around every corner,” he says. “We hope people will come away from our hunts with a fresh view of their surroundings, inspired to make games of their own.”

The Secret City currently run treasure hunts in eight UK cities and have more further afield. Perfect for friends, family or corporate team days.