This article is intended to give first time travelers a guide on how to enjoy their stay in Uganda. I have put together several issues that will help you have a safe and thrilling safari in Uganda.

1) Avoid Down Town Kampala

Downtown Kampala is the busiest business district of Kampala city. The human traffic is very high and so are fortune seekers. Pickpockets and bag grabbers are in number here and if they suspect you are new to the city, you will become an instant target.

2) Ride Hailing isnt as smooth

Certainly the easiest way for travelers who have no prior arrengement for airpot transfers but not neceserily the smoothest. Ride hailing drivers in Uganda do not want to stick to the app. They also do not want travelers who are using cashless payment methods. You will often get things like “can we negotiate the price” If you refuse or you are cashless they will most likely cancel your trip! If you want, hire a legit company for your travels in Uganda. Best car hire Uganda deals are available if you look around online. 

3) Motor Cycle Rides are not safe.

Uganda and Kampala in perticular has many public motor cycle riders locally called Boda Boda. These can come in handle when traveling in the traffic jam prone City of Kampala. The down side is that they do not keep traffic laws and are very prone to accidents. Infact they account for more than 50% of Uganda’s emergency treatment.

4) Do not self drive

If you are new here, driving will be quite challenging in the city. The drivers here do not keep traffic laws and you will find it hard to drive around them. You might consider renting a Car hire with a driver instead of a self drive! Needless to add, you will need a legit Car hire company in Uganda to avoid fraud and low travel satisfaction experience.

5) Avoid Prostitutes

Prostitutes target tourists alot in Kampala. They know they have money and they are willing to offer sex in return – Sex Tourism. That sais, they are known to work with thieves to rob their clients and you do not want to be one of the statistics.

6) Read about Uganda and Ask

You started on the reading by getting here but you might find some unanswered questions! Worry not you may always Ask a Question and expect a response about anything on Kweshon! Kweshan is a Knowledge base website that responds to anything you ask them!

I hope you find this information useful. If you would like to contact me personally, do not feel shy I am available at jkateega (at) See you in the next article.