Warehouse cargo elevator lift here we mean is hydraulic cargo lift platform. People can install this lift in warehouse, plants, workshops, and other places. It transfer cargo, goods, and pallets to different floors. After install the warehouse cargo lift, the maintenance job is important for clients. Here we listed some important points during maintenance.


Correct maintenance can prolong the service life of the warehouse cargo lift and reduce the failure rate of the elevator. The maintenance of cargo lift can be roughly divided into: daily maintenance, monthly maintenance and annual maintenance. Lets start to read the details.


Daily maintenance:

1) Check whether the steel wire rope and guide wheel in the lead rails are worn or not.

2) Check whether there is oil leakage in the oil pipes, joints and oil cylinders.

3) Check whether all travel switches are loose.

4) Jog the lift to check for any abnormal noise.


Monthly maintenance:

1) Check whether the rollers, bearings and other stressed parts are worn, and whether each fastener part is loose.

2) Check if all travel switches are in good contact.

3) Whether the oil cylinder leaks and whether the plating layer is peeling off.

4) Whether the overload protection device operates normally.

5) Whether the circuit connection is clean, whether the connection is firm, and whether the work is normal.


Annual maintenance:

1) When the hydraulic oil rises to the highest level, is the oil level 40-50mm higher than the oil suction port?

2) Whether the hydraulic oil is deteriorated, if it is deteriorated, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time.

3) Clean the oil circuit system.

4) Check other parts for any abnormality.


Other points need attention


Fixed warehouse goods lifts need regular inspection and maintenance, and hidden dangers should be eliminated immediately to eliminate faults as much as possible, which is beneficial to improving work efficiency, equipment service life and ensuring the safety performance of the lift.


1. Grease at least twice a month to lubricate the total transmission position of the machine with a grease nipple.


2. If you find that you cannot add butter, you must clear the oil circuit or replace the butter nozzle until butter is added, otherwise the platform is prohibited from being used.


3. Regularly check the working status of the pin shaft every month. If the pin shaft fixing screw is found to be loose, it must be tightened to prevent the pin shaft from falling off and causing an accident.


4. During maintenance and cleaning of the cargo lift, be sure to support the safety props. When working, do not load and unload goods, so as not to impact the lift and damage the mechanical equipment.


Maintenance job is important as installation job for a hydraulic lift. By following these steps, you will keep the warehouse cargo lift in normal good working situation. In other articles, we will list more tips for other type hydraulic lift platforms.